It's nothing

I woke up to sun rays beating down on me. My forehead had sweat beads, and I was breathing heavily. I had a dream, but I can't remember any of my dreams. I made sure that I didn't remember my dreams, I hated dreams. They changed my emotion.

I got ready for the day quickly, I was almost late. Surprisingly, Kassei probably already beat me there. Which is rare. I put on my long coat, and slid blades up my sleeve. There really are fights in Iya. I put in the clip, and felt my ears dissolve into nothing but pink sparkles. I got my bag and ran out the door, almost running into a carriage. But no one really cared.

"Hey!" Yelled Kassei.

I waved at him, to see a huge gash down the side of his face,"Kassei!" I ran to him.

I touched the wound gently,"Hitori, you're going to be beat if you show that much emotion. You know," He grabbed my hand, and brought it toward me,"It may be thread worthy, but I don't always need your help."

"What happened?"

"Some people were picking a fight, and I stepped in," He paused a couple heart beats," People say the land of Iya has no emotion, yet look at what everyone is doing. Fights, anger is an emotion," He sighed," But anger is the thing that bottles our emotion."

"what, are you talking about?"

"nothing, lets go," He grabbed colorful flowers from his bag,"For you."

"There's four, you said I only get two..." I grabbed them with admire in my eyes. Roses were my favorite, especially the white ones. Because they matched the moon. A beautiful creation, yet no one spends time anymore to see it. The moon glowed, and the white roses reflected that light.

"It is my gift for saying sorry. So sorry."

"For what?"

"um..."He looked up and down at me, and cleared his throat," Nothing."

We turned the corner to a huge tree, almost two entire blocks of people could fit on the tree, maybe more. If anyone had emotion too. I saw Lyric in the tree drawing. Her tail wagging furiously. Which meant she was happy, or spotted something pretty.

Kassei and I looked at each other and ran up the tree as fast as possible. Well, climbed, but stopped on a branch to see an amazing sun rise over in the east, it had purple and red feel to it, and the last bit of moon still there, sitting by a cloud.

"Whoa,"Kassei said,"And yet we are the only ones who care," He looked down at people who could see it easily,"Check, I even have proof, and for more proof." He jumped down from the tree, and went to a man who could of seen the view just fine,"Hey excuse me."

I jumped,"No...."I softly said.

"Yes,"The man said," The stores are that way."

"No, no, I am wondering, do you see that amazing sun rise over that direction?"

"Mhm, what about it." The man eyed him.

"Doesn't it make you feel all warm, like," Kassei laughed and smiled,"Like when you give service or someone helped you."

"No boy," He said wacking Kassei in the head,"Who cares about some stupid sky coloration. I'm going to be late because of your stupid thoughts now you know. You owe me something. Hand it here."

"uhhh...."Kassei hesitated, and went for his bag, and took out two flowers,"I'm sorry for only two, but the last one is for a friend."

The man grabbed the flowers, tossed them on the ground, and stepped on them,"I pity flowers, because they are meaningless, money is what I want."

"I'm sorry sir, but I don't have anything else to give up, not even a small one cent."

"Your shoes will do, or else I am taking you to the big house."

Kassei turned his head toward a huge building, that over looked everything in Iya. Kassei had been there once, and never wanted to go back,"You know what..."He began taking off his shoes,"Take them, take them and go into your boring life. Where you apparently can't tell me why you need my shoes. I am totally fine with it. Please treat well as you go on with life wearing my shoes." 

The man looked questioned,"Okay boy?"

Kassei came back to us, soon as Lyric finished her drawing. It looked great as usual. Though she missed all the action. His eyes looked at the ground as he came over, and climbed the tree,"So..." I said.

He pointed to his feet,"He took my shoes, you know, he must have a problem with money since he couldn't just buy his own shoes. Plus, he asked for money. He probably had no job either just finding away to get something. He could of told me, I could of gone to my house, and get some loose change, clothes, even food if he wants."

"You don't need to help every one."

He sighed and leaned on the trunk of the tree. I had forgotten that he wanted to be the next ruler of Iya. Because he hated all the other rulers ever since the emotion went on. So he thought he had to be nice to everyone for anyone to understand. I understood and so did Lyric,"I will make sure everyone gets the help they need, even if it means being killed. That is why we made this group."

"I know," I felt my tail swing,"Oh, look, a bird in a tree, so cool...chicken is a really good bird...really good."

"What's wrong," He looked behind me,"I thought I saw something flicker not too far away behind you."

"It's nothing."

"so you just admitted it is something, since you know what it is," Lyric said," You've been acting so strange lately Hitori. What's wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong."

"You sure? Because you are in denial. Which means something." Kassei so happened to point out.

"No I am not, anyways," I got out my bag," We all need to find two things to hind our identity. One that we all know of, and one that none of know of. Which means, if I want to do something that I don't need you to know about, you won't know it is me. Or if any of you."

"Why," Lyric said,"What is the point to that.'

"Put it simple, if I or you need to do something rash, and you don't want us to be involved, perhaps get hurt, then you change your identity. I know mine for example," I put on a mask with a butterfly shape,"This is one that you know."

"There are many masks that people wear, to rob or to do other things, how can we tell the difference?"

"You have to make your own, that what a ninja is all about."

The End

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