The Lonely Moon Rose

This is about a girl about fifteen, she lives alone, at a place called Iya. The people in Iya have almost no emotion, and smiling is a treat. Only one of her friends has emotion, somehow she realizes its rubbing off on her, and to make it worse the day before a holiday called white day, she grew a tail and a set of ears! Her name is Hitori, and once she finds a mask and a man who wants her cat self, starts the story of lonely, the moon, and a blood thirsty rose.

In this world there is no stop to life, you only had to live it, and couldn't blurt out your feelings. Everything you always kept bottled up, stayed that way. You could feel alone, and out of place and no one cares. If you needed a friend, nothing trust worthy would come your way. You didn't know if some one was a spy, or the only thing you have close to family. This place was know as Iya, War always went on, or fights at stores everywhere. If you saw a smile, you would smile, because nobody smiled. Smiling was a treat that you had to earn.

But my self who knew I was always different learned something about a week ago, before White day. I grew a long tail and pointy ears. My eyes had black slits between a beautiful fuchsia color. I wore a long coat to hide my self, and a clip that somehow suppressed my ears from showing. It was a gift from my mother, and will stick with me, since I had no parents or family. Every night I looked at the moon, like a boy who was part wolf, like I am cat. It was my only friend, to me my only hope. If the moon was gone forever I would have no point to live, since it was my life.

I stepped down from my bed, that was right by the window. I brushed my long dark red hair over my shoulder. So long that if wet would hit the ground. The gold streaks on the left side was an effect of my cat self. For once I was wearing that didn't cover my tail, just a nice night dress, white with pink flowers across the bottom. 

I watched a mouse pass by, I licked my lips," Where'd you go," I said eagerly looking for the critter in my house, my tail swung slightly," What..." I stepped back and groaned,"Really, I hate that, but I swallowed one whole this morning..."

There was a gentle knock at the front door. I didn't know who would come at such a late hour, so I quickly rampaged on the clip, and my long coat. Then answered the door, and arms came at me fast. I was afraid till I realized it was a huge,"Hitori!" The boy yelled randomly.

His name was was Kassei, the only boy who showed emotion in Iya. He always had cuts and bruises from people beating on him, but in the end, the very dark brown haired boy always smiled. He had ice breaking blue eyes, that really evolved off his hair. If he wasn't smiling, or being serious, he looked it. But when he smiled, it was so gentle, relaxing, but only want to make you smile just as much.

I pushed back Kassei a little," Okay," I grabbed his arm and looked at it," What injury this time?" I was the one who always treated his injuries, even though he hated it, he doesn't trust doctors. 

"Well," He smiled," I came for celebration, I didn't get a beat once today, and I know I came late. But, but, it isn't mid-night yet." He fisted the air and cheered.

I laughed,"You're going to get in trouble if you keep being this loud."

"I don't care....I.....Kassei....shall be a fugitive!" Kassei made himself look all heroic, even though he wasn't.

"You...Kassei will meet me at big tree tomorrow morning, with Lyric too." I folded my arms," We have lots of work to do, and this time Lyric and I will not do all the work."

"Fine, fine, but for the record, I'm still bringing you, and Lyric flowers to lighten my work."

"Mhm, like last time, how you didn't know Lyric was allergic to dandy lions. Lets just watch." Lyric was my closes friend, before all this, none emotion thing came up. She had light, bright, blue hair. It was somehow short but not at the same time. Actually she is part wolf, but even though I became part cat, I haven't told her. Even though she is my friend since birth.

"That wasn't my fault, I warned you two that time also. Got you there."

"No,"I pushed him out the door,"You didn't." I slammed the door on him, it wasn't nice, but he seemed to slam imaginary doors on me all the time.

"You know," I heard his voice on the other side of lumber," You are only getting two flowers now!"

"Be quiet! Your out side!"

I know I mentioned that the moon was my only friend, but to make you understand, the moon. Was the only thing that actually glowed seeing me in my cat presence so pretty much the only thing, that I trust because it can't tell my secret.

The End

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