Chapter 5Mature

Alistair had come to me every night for the past few days, we sat and talked, I told him about my meeting with Anders, and he told me everything about how he coped with the blight and his Commander Duncan's death. That he never mentioned her name, helped me I realise Riona was a big part of how he coped. I had told him about Father and Mother; it took me longer to find the courage to talk about Carver, because Carver and I were never really close. Alistair talked about his life being in the Grey Wardens; from his stories I could tell he was very fond of his Commander, Duncan. We had sat side by side on my bed, drinking cups of brew that he had mad. I tried to not to cringe as I drank it. Unfortunately, Alistair might be a good King but he definitely was not good at brewing. He went on to tell me about his life as King, alongside Queen Anora. Three years ago, I had heard the rumour of the late Queen Anora and how she came to pass, whilst I was in the Starkhaven tavern. Two dwarves had been gossiping in the corner, like two women. From the way Alistair spoke of her, it was clear that he did not love her, let alone like her, but because of the years they spent together, he did mourn her.

It was the night before we were leaving for Antiva. Alistair said he wouldn't come tonight so we could both make it an early night. I paced my room for about an hour before I decided I had to see him. I looked through the drawers at what little clothes I had; I only brought a few clothes since being in Denerim, which was just over a week. I decided on a nice cotton top with long sleeves. The top had been a gift from Merrill, as a thank you for finding her a home. I slipped on a pair of trousers that I had brought from Lothering.

Gazing at myself in the mirror, I cursed my awfully big ears; they liked to stick out from my hair. I tried to puff up my hair with something one of the maids had found for me. I was able to hide my ears behind my hair, which was just below my breasts, and the colour of red wine. Apparently, I had inherited the colour from my father's sister; unfortunately I never got the chance to meet her. My eyes were very big, mother used to say that I had wandering eyes; they were a baby blue colour. When I was younger, visitors to our home always mentioned my 'big blue eyes'. My lips were plump and I have always hated them but mother used to say that they concealed my secrets. As a teenager I never felt the need for make-up since the only reason girls that age wore make-up was to catch the eye of boys.

I drew the honey lipstick faintly across my lips, pursing my lips together. I looked In the mirror one final time. I was adequate enough to not look like some hooker.

Alistair's room, fortunately, wasn't far, so I walked slowly to clear my mind. When I got to his door I leaned against the wall for a few seconds before knocking. Now I felt stupid for wearing what I was, I wasn't even sure if Alistair felt the same as I did.

Knocking on the door, I took in a deep breath. After a few seconds the door opened. I took in a sharp breath. Alistair stood hugging the door; I ran my eyes down his bare chest, his muscles flexed as he straightened up.

"Cameron? Are you ok?" He asked fully alert. I tried on my best smile as I shook my head. I couldn't bring myself to answer him whilst he was shirtless. He raised an eyebrow when I didn't answer."Did you just want to catch me naked?" He teased.

My jaw dropped at how cleanly he said this. "What? No...Of course not." The blush on my face deepened as he laughed at my bewildered expression. He reached out and pulled me into his room , which was spacious, even for a king. Large windows lined the back wall, which stepped out onto a large balcony. I couldn't help but notice the king-sized bed; the pattern was fairly plain for a King. I turned to see Alistair leaning casually against the closed door, arms crossed, observing me. I stared at him awkwardly as the seconds ticked by. After a few moments he pushed himself from the door, slowly he walked towards me. A hot flush came over me as he got closer. I was very aware of his bare chest; my fingers itched to trace the muscles. He stopped, inches away from me, and grinned.

"Don't fret, Cam. I was only teasing." He winked. He sidestepped around me and threw himself onto his bed, the covers entwined in his feet. A burst of giggles escaped my lips as he tried to set himself free. In a hope to relieve him of his embarrassment Alistair stroke a pose, I curled over in fits of laughter. I laughed so hard; I cried,I brushed away the tears, walked over to his bed and awkwardly on the edge, he watched me quizzically, in haste I stood back up again thinking that he did not want me to do that.

Alistair raised his eyebrow. "So you're leaving? That was quick I haven't had enough time to show you how I fall over the rug in haste to make you a drink of Denerim's finest." He patted the spot beside him. I smiled smugly as I jumped onto his bed. As I landed our hands brushed, I caught my breath as his finger entwined through mine. I tore my gaze away from our linked fingers, to look at him. He was also looking at our hands, a strange expression in his eyes.

"I couldn't leave without seeing you fall over, Alistair." I said, to cut the tension. Instantly, he pulled his hand away; I couldn't help but feel hurt. His gaze met mine, his eyes screamed with confusion, his eyebrows knit together in thought. Abruptly he climbed from the bed and went over to the bar in the corner across from the door. The muscles in his back were tense, his broad shoulders rose up and down as he tried to reclaim his uneven breathing. As he poured the drinks, I sat cross legged and listened to the sound. He came back over and handed me a glass. I raised the glass in thanks before taking a sip.

Alistair he finished his glass. "I spoke to Cassandra today; Anders will be joining us tomorrow. How does that make you feel?"

In the days since I saw Anders, I had begged Cassandra to not kill him. In the end she said she never intended for Anders to be killed, in fact she intended for him to join us on our quest.

I bit my lip as I contemplated over that. Anders was hardly ever on my mind lately, I had only begged Cassandra not to kill him for his intentions were good just only for the mages. "I'm strangely ok about it. I never thought that I'd see him again. But I feel nothing. Seeing him the other day was actually easier than I thought it would be." I shrugged and downed the rest of my drink. Alistair took the glass from me and set them on his bed side table.

He nodded. "That's great; I feel the same way with Riona. We've actually become friends since she's been here." A smile spread across his lips, I smiled with him. Did that mean I didn't have to be jealous of her gorgeous figure and angel carved-looks? He looked at me meaningfully. "I'm glad you came tonight, Cam, if you didn't I would have gone to you. Today has been so stressful what with the landsmeet and everything." Another blush tickled my cheeks; I had to look down to hide it. Quickly I shook it off and looked back up at him; I caught my breath as he crushed his lips to mine. His hand cupped the back of my neck drawing me closer; I couldn't concentrate as the dizziness engulfed me. His lips were soft as he gently kissed me, the hunger slowly lessened from the kiss. He pulled away slightly and rested his forehead on mine. "I'm sorry." He whispered. I felt the heat from his lips against my nose. I kept my eyes closed as we sat there.

"There is no need to be sorry, Alistair." I sighed. I wished he's kiss me again, but instead he pulled away.

"No, it was wrong for me to have kissed you." He seemed to be irritated with himself. My head shot up when he said that. He was regretting that kiss already. I moved to the side of the bed. "I mean not that I didn't want to, but I took advantage. I'm sorry." He turned round just as I stood up. Embarrassment was clear in my expression. He frowned up at me. "Please don't leave, I didn't mean to offend you." Why wasn't I reassuring him that I liked it? That I wanted him to kiss me again? I couldn't speak; I was still in shock from the first kiss that my lips had frozen closed.

Alistair stood up and circled round the bed to me, his hands rested on my shoulders. "Please stay." He begged, he gazed intensely into my eyes. I felt I needed to reassure him. Leaning forward I kissed him softly on the lips. His eyes changed quickly from confusion to realization. As I leaned back, I gently smiled. "I'll see you tomorrow, your majesty." I slipped from his embrace and walked from the room.

The following morning I found myself surrounded by Cassandra's men in the palace courtyard. Beside me, Zevran was murmured under his breath about not wanting to be here. The sun was intensely hot as we stood waiting for our orders. Standing on my tip toes I saw Alistair twirling his thumbs like a child, I smiled at his simplicity. Riona who was beside him listend to what Cassandra was saying. Riona wore her hair up neatly in a bun that showed off her long neck, I couldn't help but realise Alistair must have kissed that neck once. I tore my eyes away from her and stood silently beside Zevran who watched me. I frowned at him. "What?" I snapped, his presence had irritated me because all he did was mutter.

"Oh. Well I couldn't help but notice your eyes were like daggers as you looked at my former companion." He nodded in Riona's direction. I looked to see her talking to Alistair. I turned back to glare at the smug elf.

"For your information, Elf. I was not glaring at her, I was merely admiring her. There is a difference." I crossed my arms and turned away from him. I couldn't believe Zevran had insisted to be paired with me, had he made it is his goal to annoy me.

Zevran laughed under his breath, annoying me more. I threw my arms down in a huff. "Andraste's ass! Go away you arrogant toad." I stormed away from him, before I could lash out at him. I joined the guard. who I had become acquainted with over the past few days. I had learned his name was Tomas; he had come here from Kirkwall. He knew I was the Champion even though he was a young teenager at the time.

"Elf annoying you too, huh?" Tomas asked without looking at me. I sighed loudly and crossed my arms. I gazed at Alistair who was also looking at me; he smiled shyly with a wave. Tomas seemed to notice this as he leaned in to whisper. "I see the King has taking a liking to you."

"Shut up." I muttered whilst elbowing him. He laughed under his breath as I waved back at Alistair.

The End

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