Chapter 3Mature

"He's here?" I whispered. I didn't understand what she was telling me. Her voice was buzzing in my ear like to Anders was in my head. "Why are you telling me this? What can I do?" I glared at her; I could tell she was losing patience.

"He destroyed the Chantry, you knew him better than anyone else. You could beat it out of him for all I care. Just get it out of him!" She left the room without another word. She didn't know how wrong she was. I didn't know him, I thought I did, but he betrayed me. At least Fenris had the balls to admit he could only love me from afar.

Flopping down on the king sized bed, I closed my eyes. They didn't care if I beat it out of him. At least that gave me something to look forward too.

A loud knock on the door, made me sit upright. King Alistair stood in the doorway; dressed in a robe, which didn't hide the tension in his arms. An awkward smile was on his handsome face. My cheeks flushed when I registered that a King was in my room. I flew off the bed and knelt before him. The king sighed.

"Miss Hawke, please stand up. I might be your king, but I tell you this now. I'm as common as anyone else." I could tell, from his slight frown, that he didn't believe those words any more than I did. However, I stood up to greet him.

"It is an honour to finally meet you, your Majesty. I know we meet that time in Kirkwall, but that was for a brief moment. I am quite looking forward to travelling with you. It's an honour to be fighting by your side." I tried on my best smile, but it faltered slightly as he came closer. I had always been aware of Anders and Fenris, but this man he had a graceful shine to him that would have any woman melt in his presence. From rumours I had heard he and the Hero of Ferelden was once a couple. I had also heard Teyrn Loghain had become a Grey Warden, because the Hero conscripted him. And everyone knew what Loghain did.

"It's my pleasure to be alongside you Lady Hawke. I'd need you to protect me." He grinned shyly, brushing at his forehead with the back of his hand.

"Oh…Well, you can count on me, your Majesty." Only after the words came out of my mouth did I realise it sounded like I was flirting.. A blush crept up my neck; a lump formed in my throat.

"Good to know." I felt his hand rest on my shoulder. The world started to spin when I realised he was touching me. I couldn't look at him for fear I'd give myself away as electricity flowed through me. "Cameron? May I call you that?...Are you ok?" How could I be? His hand was still on my back..

"Of course, I'm just nervous." My eyes gew wide; this man easily brought the truth out of me. "About later…I mean. I understand you have Anders in your custody. Well, that's what I'm nervous about." I bit down hard on the inside of my mouth.

"You don't have to speak with him. If you feel too uncomfortable I can bring someone else in." His hand finally left my shoulder. Air rushed back into my lungs and I started breathing again. I looked up at Alistair; he looked seriously concerned for me. That's when I remembered the Hero of Ferelden was also coming with us, so he knew exactly how I was feeling.

"No, it's fine. I think it would help if I came to speak to him. I understand the Hero will also be joining us?" I cursed myself silently, why did I bring her up? Speaking to Alistair was like having an out of body experience and everything that I was thinking, my body was saying.

His jaw tensed and his eyes strained. Instantly, I wanted to hit myself. "I'm sorry Your Majesty I didn't mean…" He stopped me with a wave of his hand. He looked me straight in the eye.

"You're right, she is joining us. But I'm sure you can protect me in that area as well." Another grin spread across his face.

I had to hide the frown that wanted to burst onto my face. I smiled unsurely. "I don't mean to sound rude. But did you come here just to talk?" I bit my lip again; I could feel the skin splitting under my teeth.

Suddenly, he straightened up and he looked more like a king than a man who hid behind humor. "Oh yes. I came here to inform you that we have a meeting to attend later tonight. I don't know if Cassandra informed you, but I also wanted to greet you properly, as well." A crooked smile touched his lips; I had to tear my eyes away from them to answer him.

"Yes, she did tell me. But it's nice of you to think of me." It felt as if our conversation was about to end, as Alistair sighed with his shoulders.

"Well I should get back to whatever king duties are piled up on my desk. I could do with a hand, but I'm sure you'd rather keep your hand on the end of your wrist." He winked playfully as his hand caught mine. I couldn't tear my eyes away as he lifted my hand to his lips. For the second time in his presence, I couldn't breathe. His lips touched my skin my head whirled.

"If you ever need my hand, be sure to pop in." I felt his body shake as stifled laugh escaped his lips. I really needed to punch myself. I wish he would leave so I could regain my body again.

"I'll see you later, Lady Hawke." Watching him leave the room, I couldn't help but notice that his muscles were relaxed.

The End

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