Chapter 2Mature

It had taken nearly 4 weeks to get to Denerim, I had waited only a few days in Kirkwall for a free boat to Ferelden. I stayed in the shadows. From what I was aware of no one had acknowledged me. I felt a great need to visit Aveline, but I knew I should not disrupt her life, my presence would risk her job as guard captain, and she didn't need me to ruin that.

Docking in Gwaren I finally relaxed a flashback of myself and my family fleeing from the blight raced through my mind.

Mother was rushing us through the crowds, worry creased into her face. I could tell she was still in shock from Carver's death, in truth so was I; Carver was the bravest of us all. I knew if I had said that to him he'd deny it and say I was the strongest. But deep inside I was always scared, I charged into battle with a clear mind, if someone was in need of help I took their place, in my rogue mind I pushed everything out, but Carver he tried to protect everyone around him, charged in with a battle plan. I never thought he'd be the one to die, at least after he had escaped Ostagar with only a few scratches.

"Please hurry, if we're lucky we can board the next boat" Mother ushered us, past a guard. Bethany was a foot in front, being pulled along by Aveline. Everything was a blur, loud voices filled my ears, I could barely hear my mother's small voice beside me.

I could still hear her fragile voice now, an ache in my chest, forced me to get back to reality. Their was no point in remembering the past when I had a job to do. Walking through the crowd, I felt eyes on me, I stopped to look around. Bouncing heads rushed past in all directions but I was sure someone or something had picked me out of the crowd. Ducking my head, I flicked through the crowd to the nearest lonely spot. Turning towards the crowd, I stood on my tiptoe's to look around, a few heads turned in my direction, but none of them stood out. Was I being paranoid? Or was someone playing games with me?

"Miss Hawke, may I say you look more beautiful every time I see you." A familiar voice whispered in my ear, I could feel their hot breath on my skin, a foul stench made me recoil in disgust. The source of the smell didn't seem to notice or care that I was disgusted.

"Zevran? What are you doing here?" I asked, confusion swept through me. Why was he here?

"Well I've been ordered by the gorgeous King of Ferelden to escort you safely to Denerim." He raised his eyebrow, from that I understood that he knew I'd have no problem getting there safely by myself.

"I don't need an escort but I could do with the company." I answered after a few minutes. I eyed the assassin closely. He looked very worn out and drained since the last time I saw him. He looked skinnier and more lean, his eyes looked tired, but somehow I knew It wasn't due to lack of sleep.

We travelled by horse to Denerim, we took the long round, I was fairly aware Lothering was only a few days ride away, but I said nothing to Zevran who took point. We didn't talk much for the last few days; we quietly set up our camps and ate our rationed food. We slept side by side under the trees that we tied our horses around to make sure they didn't leave us stranded. It was nice to have someone close still; I didn't need to say anything for him to know that I have been lonely. Yet he didn't pry, or even speak. I did catch him a few times whispering to the horses, I didn't question him.

Once we were in Denerim I felt awkward next to him, guards watched our every move, and I knew for sure arrows were trained on us and that they'd penetrate our bodies if we made a false move. It wasn't everyday an elven assassin and the ex-champion of Kirkwall walked through the streets of Denerim.

At the palace gates, I couldn't stop from chewing my bottom lip, the gate guards glared as we approached them; one of them looked me fully in the eyes as Zevran told them who we were. The guards were wary as Zevran was trying to explain and was failing miserably to convince them. Reaching into my bag, I pulled out the letter from Cassandra.

"Here." I shoved the letter into the guard's hands. I watched his eyes scan the letter; I noticed a frown crease into his forehead. However he looked at his companion and nodded. He didn't give me back the letter.

We walked towards the palace, its high walls and large windows intimidated me, since I left Kirkwall I haven't been near a place that looked anything like this.

The End

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