Chapter 1Mature

The letter came early the next morning. Forcing the covers from my still tired body, in one swift movement; I rolled over and landed on the floor beside my bed. The floor was hard and cold, a sharp pain shot through my wrist. Grinding my teeth I stood up to take in my room, my clothes were spewed everywhere.

Dabbing at my skin with a wet cloth, I wiped away the reminder of last night, blood soaked the cloth, a large slash from my eye to my lip was still annoyingly visible. I had been so careless, what possessed me to protect those blood mages, I do not know. I was paying for it now. In that second I had realised I could intervene, I wasn't invisible, so I took a leap. I think I just felt that I owed it to Anders, he had tried his best to bring justice to all mages, but vengeance took over and he paid with his death.

I noticed the letter as I was about to start to pack everything away, I'd out stayed my welcome in Starkhaven the moment I defended the blood mages. I assumed the letter was to remind me I had to leave before sunrise, so I didn't open it straight away. It was only when I saw the envelopes fancy writing that I became intrigued. Cameron Hawke. The guy downstairs was too simple in mind to have handwriting like that. I bit my lips as I tore at the envelopes seal, I was eager to know who it was from, but frightened about it's contents. No one ever contacted me and I didn't know any reason why they should, I was a menace in everyone eyes for loving a possessed mage. I scrolled my eyes down the paragraph which read:


I am writing to you to ask for your help, everything is in uproar, I've been searching awhile for you, you are very hard to find. I believe to have a statement from a close friend of yours claiming you are more innocent than anyone thought. I rarely believe a dwarf but he seemed more than eager to clear your name. Please come to Denerim as quick as you can.

Cassandra Pentaghast, a Seeker of Thedas' religious Chantry.

I frowned at the letter in my hand, why did they want my help? Surely the Hero of Ferelden was more appropriate to end a war, considering she destroyed an archdemon and ended the fifth blight. But apparently they wanted me. It didn't take me long to come to a decision, considering I was no longer welcome here in Starkhaven, I had nowhere to go, I couldn't go back to Kirkwall. Denerim was my best bet. I left straight away, fully avoiding the pub tavern downstairs by going out the back entrance. I had no trouble leaving the city, no one stopped me or even recognized me. I slipped away unnoticed once again.

The End

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