The Lonely Hawke Book IMature

A short Fan Fiction Novel that can also be found on other sites.
After years of being alone, Cameron Hawke is summouned to help stop the war between Mages and Templars once again. She is surprised to find the King of Fereldan has also been summoned.


The sky shone with dancing lights, every colour imaginable erupted into thousands of tiny stars, a shiver ran down my spine as a smile spread across my lips, I hadn't felt so happy in a long time, not since the day before father died almost 15 years ago. Since then my life has been filled with adventure, but not the sort of adventure I had anticipated.

My adventure began 12 years ago, the day the darkspawn ripped through my childhood home with no desire but to kill every living thing. We had escaped with only a second to spare, running for our lives towards the dreaded Korcari wilds, that held just as much threat. That was also the day my younger brother died to protect my dear mother, hatred filled my viens as I cut down the Ogre that killed him. Miraculously, we were saved, by a legend, Flemeth was her name, still to this day I do not know why she chose us to bear her amulet, was it fate or chance?

Throughout the years, I had lost those most dearest to me, Bethany, my little sister, was torn from us by the Templars. My mother slipped through my fingers into the hands of a blood mage, at first I blamed myself, but through the help of my friends I realised that I cannot protect everyone, I learnt that lesson the hard way.

Love had ripped my heart out so many times, I didn't think I could love again, until I met Fenris, by he was as messed up as I was, that relationship was doomed from the beginning, he found he could not love me without hurting me even further , so he ended it, I was heartbroken, but I found comfort in the arms of a possessed mage named Anders, I was reluctant at first, but as he became more loving I found I could love him peacefully, the worry still stained me. I thought Anders was my angel in hell, which was until the war between the mages and the Templars, he had betrayed everyone just to get his chance to destroy the Chantry. All hope was lost for me then.

As I watched the fireworks, I felt jealous as I heard the faint whispers of lovers and family, I was alone, in every single way.

The End

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