Bad Dream

       The sky started to change from the usual marmalade to a dark purple. It started to pour. Lightning and thunder took control of the sky. In some past dreams that I have had there has been storms but usually they are calmer and this one seemed different.

   I gathered my surroundings as I usually do when starting to dream. I was in the middle of the forest which is usually peaceful, calm, and empty. But as I stood there with the rain pelting my face. I felt like I was being watched. I heard a snap of a twig. I listened but heard nothing more. If it would have been someone I knew they would have came out. I had this terrible feeling that something was wrong. 

   I decided to run. I knew this woods like the back of my hand. I have been in these woods many times before in my dreams. I heard foot prints following me and they were loud. I ran faster trying to outrun it. The ran pelting me making it hard to run. I could not till what it was nor did I want to look. I heard it pick up speed even in the loud rain. What ever it was I felt it was bigger and faster then me. I needed to do something fast because it was getting closer. Then I heard a loud bang and that was all I remembered before I was out cold.



The End

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