The Lone Ranger

Based on a true story.

Born in 93' a young comedian called costa slipped gracefully into the world. She knew from the first time she inhaled the oxegen around her that this was it, she was going to rue the world.  Her mum was the queen whom ruined her happiness,  not letting her live the life she wanted, her dad was the humble servant who gave the queen all of his pennies in order to keep the family flame burning.  One day, the servant had enough and fled the troublesome life of being whipped and got a shack in town. Young costa being of fresh mind followed her loyal dad and put every garment she had into a basket and went on a mission with her new life in front of her. Many male peasants crossed her path wanting sex and more. Costa embraced this, throwing each one aside like disposable pants after the deed was done.  She was a muscial prodigy and everyone could see the notes come from her mouth whilst she was singing. Her father recognised this and worshipped her at the temple of earhart.  Her heart was broken by a childish prawn and the rain of sorrow lashed upon her life.  From then on she  never loved again. Just her true father, companions and the odd whipper snapper that accompanied her in bed.  She was an honest, beautiful and thick haired duchess who was popular with many.


The End

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