The London Sanctuary

The mist has arisen in the air, and now The Dark Creature awaits...

Chapter One:  The Awakening

            The stars from the pale, gray sky fell gently on Goblin’s face, he sensed the faint cries of the dead in battle, calling to him in pain, and fear, as he ran through the eerie, frosted forest. In every corner, he saw the explosions of spells being emitted from the polyhedral wands worn around their necks. The Goblin, instinctively reached for his own wand, which was hidden beneath his hooded cloak around his neck, and then read the spells engraved on it. Judging by the changing color of the engravings, The Goblin knew that The Dark Creature was approaching nearer; the Goblin anxiously reached for his pocket, feeling the cubical shape of the Crystal Cube. The enchanted Cube that revealed the appalling secrets so deadly that those in desperation hungered for its possession. However, there was one Object that could destroy the Cube and the Goblin had to find its whereabouts, for if the Cube were to fall in the wrong hands…

           “Give me the Cube…” the vicious whisper of The Dark Creature sent a shiver down the Goblin’s spine as he continued his search for the Object. Suddenly, his heart froze at the sight of The Dark Creature running behind him, erupting curses from his long fingers towards him, the Cube in The Goblin’s pocket burned in fear as if it knew that The Dark Creature desired it. The Goblin quickly searched around every tree in the forest, hoping for the Object to appear. Behind him, The Dark Creature gathered speed, gaining on the Goblin, The Dark Creature’s decaying arm outstretched towards the Goblin’s pocket. With tears in his eyes, The Goblin saw it, far down the path, a blinding angelic, white light residing outside the forest. His faith was regained; he quickly rushed towards the light, leaving The Dark Creature alone, he also realized that the stars fell harder to the surface, as if it were cheering him on.

         Once The Goblin reached the light, a sudden fear rushed in him, he realized that his body was floating through mid air; His small arms flailed carelessly attempting to stop his sudden fall to oblivion. The frightened Goblin heard the piecing screams of The Dark Creature, echoing through every living creature at battle, the earth abruptly crammed with a menacing aura of peculiar magic. Raging anger surged through The Dark Creature, in all hope he loudly chanted incantations through the sky, trying to retrieve the Cube. Nevertheless, all failed, The Dark Creature, desperately and spitefully watched as the beloved Cube that he so much desired fell with the Goblin. At a far distance, The Goblin heard a soft, valiant voice through his ears, “The sanctuary has been revealed…. The Cube has awoken….”          









The End

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