Capitalization is a No-no.

I plopped down on the spongy floor. "Just because I'm different, doesn't mean I'm insane!" I called after the man that just left.

Gosh. I just wanna go home.

The small sliding panel in my door opened and a funny looking face appeared on the other side. "hai dere. i is jur docter."

"Doctor?" I got up. "But I'm not sick. YOU'RE the ones who are sick."

"o rly?!" the dude growled. "mor talk lik dat out of joo and ull b in a strait jakit b4 joo no it."

"Ya rly!"

He smiled. "very gud. jus remembr not 2 capitliz and ull b beter soon."

"... How do I capitalize what I'm saying?"

"idk... jus dont do it," he closed the slot.

I went to the door. "HOW DO I CAPITALIZE WHAT I'M SAYING?!" I screamed.

The End

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