The LOL Dimension

13-year-old, mild-mannered Sophie somehow transports to a parallel dimension.. The LOL Dimension where everyone speaks LOL language!!!!

I sat down in my chair in the science room. In a few moments, the teacher started his lecture.

"Today, students, we will be talking about waves. We are going to start with an experiment. I am going to show you how waves can affect other..." his computer screen started flickering. "Come here! How could I forget? Today is the day that the scientists are powering up the Large Hadron Collider again!"

I got up and filed to the front of the classroom with the other kids. I felt faint.

"The reason this happens is supposedly-"

The world faded around me and my feet left the ground. At first I thought I fainted. But then, I realized I was seeing something. My feet felt ground under them again and I looked upon the new place I was in. I was in a surreal place, with grape green fields dotted with purple flowers and a bright blue sky ornamented with clouds that looked like they were drawn.

"hai thar!!!!1!!!" some person said.

"Huh?" I laid my eyes upon a short-ish person that was... basically a black outline. Actually he looked like the guy from I Don't Even Game. Weird.

"Uhm... Hi." I mumbled.

"OMG!!!11!!!!!one!!" the guy shouted. "Wats rong wit joo?"


"pplz! we ned 2 get this girl 2 a docter! nows!"

Some more people that looked like him came out and pushed me onto a stretcher.

"don worri, mam," one said. "itz gonna b ok."

The End

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