Taking Chances

An ambitious young woman and her gay roommate navigate life and love in the big city.

We had it all planned out. Graduate from state school and move to the big city. Make something of ourselves. We’d been best friends forever, since we were kids. We were dreamers. Matt was going to make it as a musician and I was going to be a reporter.

As kids we're encouraged to dream big, after all, what's the harm? Living in dreamland works for a while, you can go anywhere, be anyone and do anything. What they don't tell you is how hard it is to actually achieve those dreams. Dreamland suddenly becomes a nightmare when you shake the hand of your university president and receive that diploma. 

Yeah, it just got real. 

In dreamland, everything is picture perfect. Sunny skies, rainbows and butterflies. Nothing bad happens in dreamland and the world welcomes you with wide, open arms. Dreamland is easy.

Here's what they don't tell you though....

Real life is harder.


The End

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