Welcome to Lockwood


By the time a small, brunette calmly walks out of the large school, there is a group of anxiously waiting guys. I can feel the eyes of the handcuffed prisoners glide over me towards the pretty woman. The low voices of the guys dressed in white echo eerily in the silence that is only broken occasionally by the cawing of a crow. 

I steal a glance over at the dark-skinned guy beside me who is looking down, a frown on his face. His eyes are unnaturally light and his fingers are fidgeting with a tag tied around his backpack. 

"Hello gentlemen," the woman's voice is silky and sweet in the presence of so many males and a few guys dressed in orange jumpsuits whistle at her. She is curvy in her body-fitting pencil skirt and white dress shirt. I glimpse at a hint of cleavage as I look down at her hands nervously touching her wedding band. "Welcome to Williams Lockwood Academy, where you are being given a second chance at a proper life."

"Yeah," a voice yells from somewhere in the crowd. "With the crazy kids!" 

She closes her eyes, breathes in heavily, and smiles forcefully. "There are many other students already awaiting your arrival and our teachers are more than grateful at having you accompany them this year."

The guy beside me snorts as the woman looks around at all of us, her short pixie cut brown hair eerily not moving because of her hair gel. Her blue eyes are anxiously examining us. "I'm sure they are," he says quietly to me, and I smile. "Nothing like having delinquents running around the school." 

"Tell me about it," I say, checking out the guys in white, then the guys in orange. "I'm Mike by the way," I reach out my hand and the stranger accepts it.

"Xavier," he says quietly, scanning the crowd as well. "Why're you here?" 

I'm quiet, torn between telling him my secrets and keeping them all to myself. Luckily, I'm saved by the sudden outburst from the orange clad guys. I whip my neck around and see that the brunette is now accompanied by a redhead, whose body is ridiculously emphasized by a leather jacket and skin tight jeans. 

"Here at Lockwood, we respect you so we expect you to respect us," her voice is powerful in contrast to her appearance and she is now pacing in front of the brunette. "We won't hurt you if you don't give us reason to and we'll give you freedom if you merit it."

"Sounds like a bunch of crap," Xavier whispers beside me, ogling the woman's legs.

"My name is Stacy Fields and this is the co-director of Lockwood, Lane Roser," she continues. "If you think that you can easily dupe us, think twice of it"--here her eyes travel towards the prisoners--"because we will know." 

So much for a learning, accepting environment.

The End

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