The locket

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About young Myra Evans who goes in search of her mother and hopes to unravel the secrets of herself.

All eyes were wide the night she was born. All eyes were wide. Wide with Joy and excitement, Wide with despair and horror.
The un-married daughter of the local wealthy businessman gives birth. It would be irreplaceable social suicide. What would the neighbours say if they found out?

He gagged his own daughter to stifle her screams as she was in labour, his wife stood nervously by the doorway, she didn't know what to do with herself, should she go, and leave them to it? Or stay and try to calm her daughter down? she just stood in the doorway and hovered, battling with herself.
His daughter let out a howl of pain and so he held his hand down firmly over her gagged mouth, he couldn't risk the neighbours hearing. But he hadn't counted on the baby crying as she gasped her first breath of air, he couldn't stop her, he couldn't control babies in the way he did adults, babies wouldn't hush when you told them to out of fear, they would simply wail more. He tossed the baby to it's mother to try and stop the noise, it worked, she calmed instantly and snuffled off to sleep in her mothers arms.
Once all was quiet he snatched the child from his daughter and carried her by her ankle to the doorway, his daughter fought to get out of bed but was held back down by her sisters. He handed the wretched child to a woman dressed in entirely black standing in the doorway, he whispered the words "Destroy it" to her and she gave a short nod in understanding.
The child's mother managed to beat away the pathetic girls holding her down and raced to her babies aid then back to her orginal place in less than a second. Baffled, the woman dressed in black looked down at her now empty hands then up to the girl holding her daughter tight to her chest.
"How?" she asked herself, the lady of the house answered for her,
"My daughter is special" she said with a slight smile,
"You're daughter is a freak" her husband added and stepped towards his daughter, "And there is a pretty good chance that her daughter is one too, and we can't allow that!" he clawed out toward the girl but he was no match for her, she was up at the window ledge before he could even blink,
"Don't do it!" he warned but she turned with a farewell smile and jumped from the window, baby held close to her chest.
The whole room gathered around the open window and exaimined the ground bellow for a dead girl perharps a dead baby too?
But the ground is empty, not a mark or a blemish there. How could she have survived a fall like that?
The lady of the house, the only one who appeared to have any intelligance exaimed the forest in the distance, and there she saw a tiny speck that was her daughter and her granddaughter, she shone a triumphant smile.
"She has outwitted you again my dear" she remarked, and turned to face her husband, he slaped her hard across her face,
"This is all your fault! If you hadn't have insisted on keeping that damned child in the first place" he snapped,
"How can you turn away a child in need?" she asked in disbelief clutching her now scarlet cheek.
"Easily, just slam the door and ignore them, either they'll die or someone else will pick them up"
"Well let's just hope the world doesn't end up like you my dear, or we'd all be dead within a week" she added with a slight smile yet annoyance in her voice.
Far away in the forest lay an exhausted mother clutching her tired child tightly whilst she gasped for air. She would surely die soon if she stayed here, only moments ago had she given birth, she was still sore. She could not let the same fate fall upon her daughter though, she wrapped her up in her silk shawl and placed her on the ground beside her. Next she placed a single twig on the ground and reached out a long thin finger to touch it, it instantly transformed into a woven moses basket that she placed her sleeping child in. She looked so innocent, so beautiful, so elfin. She knew she had passed the gene on to her daughter, if only part of it, she still had power to protect herself if she needed too.
She had to rest a moment, using her powers often drained her, even more so when she was already low on energy to start with. She pulled out a piece of parchment from within her nightgown and began to write with her fingernail, as soon as her finger traced the shape ink would fill it and spell out the words she wanted. She wrote to her sweetheart, the babies father, asking him to look after their child as her days were numbered. She gave few requests in her letter, one being that the child be called Myra, the other that he give Myra the silver locket she had placed along side her baby, on her 16th birthday. She had recieved the locket only weeks ago on her 16th birthday and it too had been in her moses basket, it felt only right her daughter recieve it too. She wrote that it was his decision if he wished to tell her about her mother and her hertigage whilst growing up, but requested that when she recieves the locket all should be revealed to her if it hadn't already.
She kissed her child on the forehead and hurried through the trees faster than the speed of light until she reached the village. There she placed her child on the stone doorstep of it's father's house.
"Until we meet again Myra" she muttered and knocked the heavy brass doorknocker, the door opened simutainously but she was already far gone, hiding somewhere behind a tree. She watched as a pair of skinny hands reached out towards the basket and picked it up, the boy's mortal eyes scanned the surronding area for signs of the mother but she was not to be seen by mortal eyes, twice his eyes passed over her without realizing.
He brought the child inside into the warmth and closed the door behind him.
Although he was not of magical blood, she felt reassured of leaving her child here, he may not be magical, but he had something that was far more valuable, he had a good heart. Her child was more protected by this than any spell she could cast.

The End

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