The Loch Ness Monster

My story is about a monster in Lake Drossy that the people of the town try to catch every year.

Once upon a time there was a lake called Lake Drossy and in Lake Drossy was a monster. Some say the monster was over 60 feet long and over 20 feet wide. No one was really for sure. The monster can hold it's breath for hours and lives in a cave deep inside the lake. The people of a nearby town try each year to catch the monster but they never will. The problem is they are using blue gill fishing poles, which snap when the monster takes the bait. The mayor of the town finally asked three boys, Seth. Skylar and Josh, who are experienced fishermen, to to catch the monster. He gave them the biggest fishing poles, nets and bait he could find and sent them on their way.

The End

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