One day at Buckbury Lodge Fred Tishman bought a loaf of Bread in Tesco and on arrival at home he took out the bread only to discover that the packet had burst open.He closed up the packet and put it in the freezer, but two days later he took out the bread, let it defrost and upon opening it discovered that the white bread had turned brown. Not only that, It smelt horribly stale and had gone off.Immediately he chucked it in the bin.
Had the bread been left in the fridge it would have rotted away, resulting in poisonous gas escaping into the rest of the fridge and in the end the gas would have become explosive.This means that gas would have built up and built up until  it would have  created so much pressure that the fridge would have swelled up and burst discharging all it's contents all over the place, littering the whole kitchen with food everywhere.This mean's that food would have shot out of the fridge and been knocked flying and if anyone would have been in the kitchen the blast from an exploding fridge would have knocked the resident flying right across the flat.
The man ate the rotting bread and his body swelled up until it burst, causing all his organs to shoot right out of his body.  He picked up his organs and put them back into his body, then stitched it up with needle and thread. But no sooner than he stitched up his body it burst open and again his organs flew out. They then walked across the room.The man's heart even climbed up the table leg and sat on top of the table.
One body organ, the man's lungs even helped itself to some of the food that shot right out of the fridge.
All of a sudden a fight broke out with body organs bashing each other in mid air as they jumped up from the floor.
All of a sudden the man's head flew off and smashed it's way into a light bulb on the ceiling, causing it to crash right down to the ground.
Suddenly eyes popped out of the man's head and flew right across the room. The eyes then bashed the man's heart and a fight broke out with eyes and heart biting each other.
The noise brought the carer up and when she opened the flat what she saw her made her feel sick.
There were body organs fighting each other and the man whose body burst open lying on the floor.
An ambulance was called and they took the man to a hospital factory to be repaired.He was fitted with a new head and new body organs.
The man's organs that created mayhem when they flew out of the man's body got destroyed with a fly spray and the dead fridge replaced by a new one.


The End

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