The Little Voice: Chapter 7


Lucy sighed, “That’s a relief. I really don’t know what I would do if I lost you as a friend.” “Oh you’d find some other outrageously gorgeos person to listen to all your drama and talk crap about other people with.” They both laughed.
“Nah, no one can quite pick out people’s flaws as well as you can,” Lucy teased.
“Well there’s one person who’s flaws remain hidden to me,” Janice trailed off.
“Yeah he might not have any. But I digress. Earlier I didn’t think all of English needed to know that Kyle is totally in love with you,” Lucy said, the pain in her eyes overthrown by the returning joy.
“Lucy, there’s no way he’s in love with me. He loves you.”
“No he doesn’t One night I worked up the courage to tell him I liked him and he told me he was sorry but he was interested in someone else.”
“He said that? And how’s that supposed to mean me?”
Lucy stood there, disbelief on her face, “Oh come on. You’ve read his stuff. There’s no one else that fits.”
“How can you be sure?” Janice asked, hopes rising.

Rising Hopes

She didn’t want the her hopes to rise, just to see them fall again, but she couldn’t help it. “How can you be sure?” She asked again. “Trust me. I’ve talked to him long enough to tell that he’s totally head over heals for you,” Lucy answered.
“I thought that before and was wrong,” Janice said, not allowing herself to believe what she had longed to hear for so long.
“No you were right. You just thought you were wrong. He never loved me. He’s always LOVED you.”
“If you won’t believe me then just go ask him. He’s right there,” Lucy said, pointing past Janice’s head.
Sure enough, there he was. Kyle, in all his god-like perfection, was right behind them.
Janice’s eyes opened wide. OMG ! Do you think he heard us?!
He might’ve.
Oh no, oh no, OH NO !!!
Calm down. What’s the worst that could happen? So he overheard two girls talking about which one he loved. No big deal. It’ll probably just inflate his ego.
You always have such a sunny disposition of life.
I know. Doesn’t it make me wonderful?

More Important Than Flying Monkeys

Sure does, Janice thought rolling her eyes. “Talk to him!” Lucy ordered in a soft whisper. “Alright,” Janice said as she gathered her courage to turn around and face the person she had wanted to for so long.
“Hey Janice,” Kyle said, a bit hesitantly.
“Hi… Kyle,” his name came out with some difficulty.
“Um, how was your day?” he asked trying to get a casual conversation going. He still felt guilty about something.
She wasn’t going to make it easy, “Fine.”
“Oh that’s good.”
They stood there staring at eachother’s feet, while Lucy, dancing around like a monkey who’s feet were on fire and eyes didn’t wuite fit, stood in the background going crazy.
“About this morning,” Kyle said, finally breaking the painful silence, “um… well… that really wasn’t the question I had intended to ask you.”
“It wasn’t?” Janice said, looking up, her eyes catching his, her breath stopping.
“No it wasn’t,” he said, the courage building inside him. “There was something a bit more important than flying monkeys."

Lots of Silence

“Really? I didn’t think anything was quite as important as flying monkeys,” they both laughed.
“Seriously, I needed to ask you something important,” Kyle said, regret painted across his face.
“Why didn’t you?”
”...I was scared,” he said looking down again.
“What were you scared of?” Janice couldn’t imagine anything scaring something this perfect. Kyle stayed quiet.
“Oh come on. You can tell me. I won’t make fun of you,” she said.
He took a deep breath. “You.”
“Me?” she said in disbelief, “Why would I scare you?”
“Not you necessarily. But your answer. I was scared of your answer,” Kyle said, his face still firmly facing the floor.
“My answer to your important question?” Janice asked, wishing that he’d look at her.
“Well ask me I’m sure it couldn’t be that bad.”
“Kyle… Look at me please.”
“I… I can’t.”
Janice was both shocked and hurt, “Why the hell not?”
Again silence.

The End

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