The Little Voice: Chapter 6

Yelling Match

At that moment Janice’s world fell to pieces and the voice continued on its ranting. Janice couldn’t even keep the all-comsuming pain from her face. The tears spilled like small streams from her eyes.
“Oh no Janice. Listen to me. It’s not what you-”
“Shut up Lucy! I’ve heard enough already! I get it. You two are going to be happy and ride off into the sunset. Congratulations.” Janice yelled. Bitterness and hurt pouring from her being.
“No Janice that’s not it! Calm down and let me explain!”
By now the entire class was staring at them. Even Ms. Samuels had pulled herself from Ficlets to see what all the commotion was about.
“What is there to explain?! You love him, he loves you. I’m odd man out.”
“Damn it Janice. Listen. To. Me. He does NOT love me!”
Both Janice and the voice stopped, “But-”
“But nothing. I was trying to tell you, I fell for him… but he didn’t fall for me.”
“I don’t understand…”
“Its hard to fall for someone when you’ve already hit the bottom for someone else.”

Leave Me Hanging Much?

“What?” Janice had never known this level of confussion before.
“One day I finally worked up the courage to tell him how I felt about him and…”
There was complete silence in the room as EVERYONE waited for the answer, even the voice in Janice’s head. Lucy looked around. “Maybe this isn’t the best place for this. Can we finish later?”
Well its not like it COMPLETELY affects my life, you freakin lil ho- “Sure. Later’s fine,” Janice cut the voice off.
“Alright,” Lucy said as she returned to her desk trying to avoid the awkward stares.

For the rest of the period Janice thought about what Lucy had said and wondered what that last unsaid bit would do to further destroy her life. Or maybe it’s good… Janice hardly let herself hope for any good news at this point. Still there was a tiny sliver.

Soon enough the bell rang. Janice gathered her books and bag and started heading towards the next extremely painful encounter. Not like math’s painful enough already… of course I have to have it with HIM .

Derivatives, Holes, and Pain

Janice walked into her calculus class and sure enough… Wait were is he? Kyle wasn’t in class.
Maybe karma caught up to that stupid lil bast- “Alright class, settle down, ” Mr. Santony said as the students took their seats, “Today, we will be going over derivatives.” An air of despair fell upon the classroom. Well at least its something to take my mind off of him. But I wonder where he is…
Who cares. I hope he fell down a hole and is now lost in the eternal abyss of pain and dispair.
That’s where I’m gonna send you if you don’t shut up.
Please. Like you could. Janice rolled her eyes and tried to focus on Mr. Santony, but it was no use. Her mind kept thinking about Kyle and the seemingly endless amount of pain that went with it.

The time passed by slowly but finally the bell rang to go home. Well everyone else got to go home. Janice went to see how much more heartbreak she could take.

Friends Forever

Janice found Lucy in the usual spot but with an unsual expression on her face. She’s alwyas so happy. This must really be tearing her up.
Who cares?! She’s trying to steal your man!
One, he’s not my man. Two, its unreasonable to think I’d be the only one to like the perfect guy.
Ha! Perfect my as-
You really need to stop cursing.
Its only cuz you never do.
Janice shook her head, I really need to stop talking to myself.
Yeah but then who’d you talk to?
“I’m not even going to respond to that,” she muttered as she approached Lucy, “Hey.”
“Hi…” Lucy said, avoiding eye contact at all cost.
“So what was it that you couldn’t tell me in english?” Lucy didn’t say anything. Janice couldn’t stand being mad at Lucy. “Lucy, I’m not mad at you. I couldn’t blame anyone for falling for him. No matter what you say or what happens with him, we’re still going to be best friends.”
Lucy looked at her, hope in her eyes, “Really?”
“Of course. You’d have to do a hell of a lot more to get rid of me buddy.”

The End

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