The Little Voice: Chapter 5

Wrong Question

“Well… I wanted to know if maybe…” Yes?!
Some part of Kyle won the battle. “If maybe you thought monkeys could fly if they do this,” Kyle asked and then proceeded to perform the weirdest dance Janice had ever seen.
Her hands jerked towards his throat as the voice momentarily took control.
OH HELL NO !!!! The voice loss all control. The cursing and threats came freely now. Janice wasn’t fairing much better.
“What?!” she asked, pain and disappointment infiltrating her voice.
“Do you think they could fly if they do this,” Kyle asked again with the same exotic dance.
Janice’s eyes opened wide. I am so killing this little son of a bi-
“I don’t know,” sje replied gaining some measure of control, “This was your ever so important question?”
“Yes…” Kyle seemed a little unsure and was that a hint of pain in his eyes?
Janice couldn’t even fake a smile. She just stood there staring at the breaker of her heart.
“Is something wrong?” It was clear that there was something bothering Kyle.

English and a Twin

“N-no. Nothings wrong. I just thought the question would be… a bit more important,” she half lied.
“Oh sorry, I just needed your opinion.”
“Well if that’s it I’d better be getting to class.”
“Yeah that’s it. See you later,” Kyle said. His expression still tainted by a bit of pain and worry.
“Yeah,” Janice said as she headed off to class, hardly restraining the tears.
Don’t you dare look back, the voice ordered. Janice couldn’t even bother arguing.

In English, Janice was glad they had an unusual free-write period. “I just need to… um… catch up on some wri- I mean grading,” her teacher Ms. Samuels had told them. The entire class knew she would be off on Ficlets.
Janice spent the class trying to tune out the voice in her head and just write about what she was feeling. She wondered if Kyle knew what he had done to her.
It doesn’t make any sense, she thought. All of his writing was about me. Or was it?
“What’s up?” some one asked.
It was Lucy. Her best friend, who could also be her twin.

Speaking with the Twin

“Oh hi Lucy,” Janice tried smiling but failed miserably.
“What’s wrong?” Lucy asked, full of concern.
“Lucy, you were wrong.” And so were YOU , Janice thought to the little voice, so much for always being right. The voice was too busy with its parade of curses and threats to pay any attention to her.
“What? When was I wro-” Lucy stopped, realization hitting her, “Kyle?”
“Yes Ky- him,” Janice cringed at the name that once set her heart flying.
“He hasn’t asked you out?” Lucy asked in disbelief.
“No. I thought he was but he didn’t. Got all my hopes up too.”
“Oh if he hasn’t by now I’m sure he will. You two are meant to be,” Lucy tried to reassure her.
Janice sat in silence, thinking.
“Lucy, have you ever read any of his writing?”
“Umm… maybe,” Lucy replied, her eyes hiding a secret, “Just a little.”
“You can see it can’t you?”
“See what?”
“See that he’s totally in love with YOU !” Lucy was shocked. She recovered quickly, “No. He does NOT love me.”
“How can you be so sure?”

Drug Like Properties

Janice sat, waiting for the answer that could either send her into an abyss of pain or give her a fleeting glimpse of hope.
“Well… I’ve kinda been talking to him…” Lucy said, guilt written across her face.
“Talking to him?” a rather confused Janice asked. The voice quieted down a bit to listen.
“Yeah. I really just started to see if he liked you and get some info. You know, a recon mission. But then…”
“Then what?” Janice asked in disbelief. No way. My best friend… How could she?
Don’t jump to any conclusions. The voice commanded.
Well what other explanation is there?
Plenty of other ones.
You just can’t stand being wrong.
And you can’t stand being happy. Just shut up and listen to her already.
Look who’s talking…
“The more I got to know him, the more I understood why you were completely in love with him. At first I didn’t think it would affect me but… but he’s like a freakin drug. The more you have the more you want!” Lucy spilled out.
“I fell for him and I fell hard.”

The End

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