The Little Voice: Chapter 4

Solving the Mystery

Janice opened up her aol homepage and clicked the mail box icon. It seemed to load unusually slow. “Its never this slow. Why now?” she muttered to herself, fustration growing. Relax, the voice said to her, I’m sure its worth the wait. “Yeah you’re right.” Aren’t I always? Janice didn’t respond to the voice.

After what seemed like three eternities rolled into one, she finally heard the “You’ve got mail”. Janice settled down to solve a mystery.

... Those eyes of the deepest saphire that engulf me like a quicksand trap of love… The touch of an angel. A beautiful, dark haired angel… The sight of her smiling face could brighten even the darkest of hearts… My fingers through your hair like children running through a feild of flowers. Happy and care free… How he longed to hold her, to keep her safe from the evis of the world. To tell her how he felt… Matt had finally built up the courage to call her. To confess to her…

“Oh” My “God.” They are about you. “You were right.”

Always Right (Except for that one time with the possum)

Of course I was right. When aren’t I? The voice said.
“Well there was that one time…”
Oh leave me be. How was I supposed to know that possums play dead?
“What ever,” Janice said, “I really can’t believe this.”
Now all we have to do is wait for Monday. He has to be asking you out.
You really think that’s THE question? Janice thought, finally not responding out loud.
Oh yeah for sure that’s the question. What else could it be? Do you think elephants can use their ears to fly?
Well of course they can. Haven’t you seen Dumbo.
Not funny. You know I’ve seen Dumbo. I always cry during that part with the mom.
Oh yeah. That’s right.
But really. What else could it be? Especially after reading THAT ?
Janice glanced at the e-mail. He does practically describe me…
Exactly. He’s completely head over heals.
Now, I wouldn’t say that.
I would.
You always make a big deal out of little things.
That and I’m always right.
Janice rolled her eyes.

Scared or Startled?

At last! Monday. The voice said as Janice climbed up the steps of her school. She didn’t know whether to be excited or terrified about seeing Kyle.
Relax, he’s just going to ask you out.
What if he isn’t?
We’ve been through this over and over again, of course he will! What else could he perfer to ask in person?
We’ll see.
Yes. We are going to see how I’m right yet again.
“Sure. Now where can he be?” Janice wondered looking around.
“Hey Janice,” a voice called out from behind her, making her jump. Perfect timing. “Along with several other perfect things,” she mumbled to herself before turning around.
“Hi Kyle,” she said with a small smile.
“Did I scare you?” he teased.
“No. Just startled me.” With your god-like features.
“Oh, since when is there a difference between scared and startled?” Kyle continued with the teasing.
“There is!”
“Sure. Whatever you say.”
“Just go along with me ok?”
“So if I remember correctly you have a question for me,” Janice asked, terrified of the answer.

Waiting for THE Question

“Oh yeah..” Kyle looked as if he were fighting himself.
Maybe he’s got a little voice in his head too?
You can ask him once he asks you out.
I wonder if his bugs him like you bug me.
I bug you?
Well I can’t possibly bug you as much as he’s bugging me right now, the voice was losing patience fast.
“You’d be surprised,” Janice whispered as she watched the tormented expression on Kyle’s face, “Is something wrong?” She was really worried now. A knot in her stomach made that perfectly clear.
“No its just… um…” he said, still fighting with himself.
Encourage him to say something or we may be here forever.
“You don’t have to be worried. You can ask me anything,” she said trying to finally hear the question that had been driving her crazy.
“I know. I’m just not quite sure how to put it.”
Give me a break! Janice, will you be my girlfriend? How hard is that?! The voice was almost impossible to deal with by now.
“Its ok take your time,” Janice said, gritting her teeth, forcing a smile.

The End

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