The Little Voice: Chapter 1

A Lack of Inspiration

“What to write. What to write,” Janice murmured to herself as she sat in front of the blank computer screen in her pale blue bed room. “There has to be something I feel like writing about.” You could always write about Ky- “No!” she yelled cutting the voice inside her head off, “anything but HIM . Come on there has to be SOMETHING .”

You know you want to. The voice continued. “No I don’t. I need to get over him and that really doesn’t help,” she argued with herself. Fine then just sit there. “I will,” she said, murmuring once again, “there has to be something, anything!” Just then her phone started to vibrate. I wonder what Lucy wants, she thought as she read the text.

Her eyes opened wide as realization hit her squarely across the head. “Oh my god…”

So Not True

“Hello?” Lucy answered the phone. “Are you sure?! You’re not messing with me are you?!” Janice asked. “Well I see you got my text, its nice to talk to you too,” Lucy said, the pain in her voice obviously fake. “Come on Lucy, TELL ME ! Please!” Janice begged. “Alright I’ll tell you everything he told me…”

This can’t be happening. There’s no way. I’m asleep I have to be, Janice thought as she lay on her bed, unable to believe the words that had come from Lucy’s mouth. Things like this just don’t happen. Especially to ME.

Just then her phone started vibrating again. Her eyes opened wide as she read the caller ID. Kyle it said to her utter disbelief.

I'm an Idiot

Janice froze. Oh my god! He’s calling. What do I do? Does he know that Lucy told me? Does he suspect it? Do I hint that I know? Do I play dumb? Ok just relax. Breath in. Breath out. Ok. Calm. Now to pick up the phone. She pressed the talk button, “Hello.” Silence. “Hello?” She looked at the screen, 1 miss call.

Damn! I’m such an idiot! He calls and I don’t pick up. I am one freakin’ genius. She was smacking herself on the forehead when her phone started ringing again.

“I’m not making the same mistake twice,” she murmured as she sat there staring as Kyle was displayed across the screen. So then why aren’t you answering?! The voice yelled at her. “Oh right,” she said as she reached for the phone, “Hello.” “Hey Janice. It’s Kyle…”

A Common Hobby

Janice could feel her heart in her throat. “What’s up?” she tried to ask as casually as possible. “Oh you know, the usual,” Kyle said, each word making her heart rush just a bit faster.

“Nothing then?” she teased. “Yup, pretty much. You?” he said. “Same, trying to write but I lack the inspiration,” she told him. “Yeah, don’t you hate it when that happens. You’re dying to write but there’s nothing to write about. Well actually there’s plenty to write about, you just can’t find the right words,” his reply momentarily silencing Janice, “Janice?”

“Yeah, I’m here. You write?” she asked in disbelief. “Yeah, its a great stress reliever,” he replied. “Wow, I didn’t know that,” she said, still not completely convinced. “You don’t believe me do you?” his turn to ask the questions. “Well not entirely,” she admitted. “Well then I’ll e-mail you some of my work now so I can prove it to you,” he said, a triumphant tone to his voice.

Janice went to check her e-mail.

The End

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