Discoveries in the rainforest

30 june, the summer has been dry so far. It is the first rain in two weeks, bringing refreshment to everything in  the forest. The little starfish, the little dog and the girl decide to go to the forest. This is the first time for the little starfish, who has never ever seen anything else than the shallow sea and the beach. Thank to the rain, little starfish was protected from the sun and would not be dry even if they walked in the forest all day.

Everybody in the party was very much excited by this adventure. They started early at dawn. The sky was dark as the sun was hiding behind the silver clouds, letting only few rays to shine up their way. Light rain refreshed them as they walked into the forest. First to go was the frog, Professor on forest creatures. Next was the girl carrying little starfish on her shoulder, so they could both see the forest from the same view. The little dog followed behind, to protect his friends.

The further they entered the forest, the more interesting things they saw. Colorful flowers, sparkling under rain drops, and many of those flowers can fly. They were flying in the air, high and low, that was the most amazing scene that little starfish has ever seen. The frog said: Those flying flowers are named butterflies. But our little starfish did not agreed. She said that butter definitely had nothing to do with fly, and the frog should adjust his dictionary, for sure, as these beautiful creatures should be named flowerfly, nothing butter here. They also saw the dragonfly, another thing need to be renamed. But since little starfish could not think of a new name yet, none in the team has any suggestion. The girl keep giggling listening to little starfish and frog arguements.

Then came the most interesting part of the trip. By lunchtime (or much earlier) they were hungry from walking all the long way, the girl introduced her friends a new kind of food. She picked some beautiful red flowers, removed the green part and show everyone a clear drop at flower's bottom. She tasted it, then gave each a flower to try it themselves. It was the best thing in this world! Absolutely! 101%! Delicious! Said the little starfish, little dog, and frog. The girl smiled, explaining to them "This is called nectar. Flower's honey. If you think this is the best, wait until I present you bee's honey. It is sweeter, and more nutrition." Oh this is AMAZING! It is MAGIC! said the little starfish. For all her life she has been familiar with salty foods, and this was the very first time she ate sweet. She felt extremely energized. She wanted to walk, to run, to explore this forest by herself. So she jumped off the girl's hand, eagerly running ahead of the group. And nobody could stop her.

The End

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