Relaxing in the sea

At noon, a girl came to the beach. She then found a lovely scene, a little dog and a little starfish were sleeping in the shade. Little starfish stretched her arms like a star sleeping as nothing in this world can bother her, knowing her friend the little dog would always be there to protect her. The girl wanted so much to be relax like the starfish. She went slowly into the water, lied down, stretched her arm and let the warm water support her body.

Floating like a cloud with her eyes closed, she was thinking of her friend. Imagining he was there silently as always, sitting next to her. Safe and sound, and she missed him.
She loves water but was always panic when the waves hit her face. She could not breath, could not see and she scared. He taught her swimming. He taught her to enjoy playing in the water. He told her: "Don't be afraid, tomorrow I have to go but I leave you some guards. They are watching you, protect you, so keep swimming. Those giant guards are hiding under the sand to watch you."

Before leaving, her friend has left her a small frog. The frog would turn red when the sun was about to shine, and blue when it was about to rain. When one let it go in the forest, it would hide and croak to let one know it was somewhere close, but it was so well hidden that nobody would find it until the first stars appeared. And if one pushed the frog while naming a thing out loud, the frog would jump high the air, higher than a starfish, higher even than a little dog. In mid-air it would somersault, and then fall always on its legs, facing in the direction of the thing named. Surely, there was more magic in the small frog. Who knew what would happen if one was to give her a kiss?

That evening, the little starfish, the girl, the little dog and the small frog all went to sleep early. They wanted to be start their Adventure early on the next day.

The End

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