Hide and seek on the beach

I remember that once upon a time, in a tropical island far to the South of Hanoi, there was a little starfish who was friend of a little dog. All day long, they played together on the beach under the coco palm trees. Their favorite game was hide and seek. One would dig holes in the sand to hide treasures like bones and toys, for the other to seek them. 

One morning, the little starfish came see to the little dog and said to him:

"My friend, seeking bones and toys with you is so fun, let's go for a big seeking adventure ! I have heard that the remains of a very old, very big animal were buried in the sand of this island, somewhere. Will you come and seek it for me ?" 

The little dog paused for a while, thinking hard, and answered:

"That can be very perilous ! Woof ! Where do we start ? Is there any hint on how we can find that treasure ?"

Then the little starfish said to him:

"Yes of course. We shall follow the girl who come to our beach every day to learn to swim. I overheard that those big animals relatives are hiding in the sand to protect her. So how are we going to travel? I am a little starfish, I cannot stay long under the sun. I saw my sisters the other day, the sun made them all dry, hard and orange. I don't want to become like that !"

To that the little dog answered:

"Don't worry, my little starfish. We will travel around the island together by walking in the shallow water near the beaches. When the waves are too high to walk in, we will go in the hills if there is rain. But when there is sun, we will promenade under the shade of the trees, and rest in resorts near pools, for us to swim as much as we like."

The little starfish was happy to hear that, and she found a nice place between the waves to sit with her friend the little dog, to wait for the girl who came to their beach every day.

The End

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