The Little Girl... and The Big (Bad?) Wolf.

This is a short story about a girl and her interactions with a wolf. I wrote this around the time I had just gotten out of a controlling relationship. It is sort of a reflection at that, but at the same time, just a simple story about a girl and a wolf.

Once there was a little girl.

She was a lost little girl, confused by the world around her.

She had gone into a forest. Deep, deep into the forest she went.

Until the undergrowth and vines had tangled her.

She did not realize how caught she was, until a wolf appeared.

She should have been afraid of the wolf. He could kill her after all.


But she wasn't. Instead she befriended him.

He untangled her and showed her the way.

She lived in the forest with him while he helped her learn and grow.

And she followed his every word and command.

Until one day, he turned on her. And so she ran.


Deeper and deeper into the forest she went, until she was tangled again.

But this time it was worse.

She was even more tangled and confused then before. And he never came for her.

The little girl had grown and matured under the care of the wolf.

However, she knew that if she ever got out again....

She would be even more matured and lost then she was in the beginning.

The End

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