3. Not so little anymore.Mature

She's always been with me. I was a nightmare when I was a baby. I know because my mum told me. At night instead of crying and waking them up I'd whisper to myself. I'd never make any sense to an adult, I was only a baby. I hardly slept at all and got very ill. My mum was so worried about me. A baby that didn't cry, just whispered. I wasn't normal all the doctors and nurses I saw told my mum that, but she loved me all the same. When I started school I caused so much trouble every day. It was all a game to me. Jenny used to move things around the classroom when no one was looking, I used to terrify the teachers telling them all sorts of things. My mum never knew what to do with me. I loved her and dad so much, I never hurt them. Jenny never wanted me to. Ever since I can remember I had her teaching me things, drinking pretend tea with my teddy's, getting everyone else into trouble and then sitting and giggling about it after. She was my sister, my friend and little did I know back then a curse. After loosing my mum that night, I didn't eat or sleep. I just lay hidden in this hole that smelled. Waiting for the havoc to pass and when it did I hid further in the woods. Jenny followed. I don't know when I lost my sanity or if I still had it but I had a feeling if I went to anyone I'd be put away. I was five and no one would ever care for me again. I was too much trouble according to Jenny. Besides I didn't need anyone else.
The End

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