2. Realisation too soon.Mature

I don't know how we made it to safety. We had settled down finally on the edge of the park at the opening of the woods. There was a hidden shelter there and my mum easily hid us behind a load of dead wood and half a small tree that had fallen. It smelt strange in the hole we huddled into, I just couldn't quite put my finger on the smell...

The wind had picked up and it was freezing outside now. I had shivered so much and sweat had poured from me all the way. I was surprised that now I was in a comfortable place. I was numb.

"Ayissa? Are you okay darling?"

She looked so worried for me. Her brown, unruly bush of a hairdo spiked out at odd angles. Her skin glowed with beauty underneath all the grime and dirt. After everything we had been through togther, her eyes still sparkled in that mumsy way when she looked at me. It was as if I was all grown up; that she was actually proud when she looked at me with those smiley eyes. I knew the complete truth now, that even if the world was coming to a stop as long as I was okay her eyes would keep smiling.

"I'm okay mummy, promise..."

I had to say it. If I didnt it would ruin her inside. It would tear her apart.

"...are we safe now? Nobody will find us?"
"Nobody will find us darling. We'll just sit this out till they're gone?"
"Yes we should mummy. They aren't nice. They don't like me."

She looked madly insane in them few moments we shared. She hugged her knees in a protective ball and looked out past the tree and the wood. Fear rocking her slightly she whispered little things to herself for a moment. I swear I caught some of it but I was never sure.

"It's not her fault... They want her."

 How would she have known that anyway? She couldn't. She still loved me and no one else did. I held tightly to Jenny then and looked her right in the eyes. Praying to her that things would change, that I would change as I 'got grown up'.

She just looked right on back.

No response, not even a nod. Bitch.

I ran my fingers through her red hair with anger. Hoping it would hurt this doll that equalled my mum's love; it was anything but love, this was a 'mummy could leave because Jenny would replace her doll'. I hated Jenny for a moment then. Pure hatered coursed through my veins vilently. I spat my disgust at the doll before dropping her to the floor.

"Ayissa! What are you doing?" she barely raised her voice above a whisper but I could hear the shock and anger in her voice.

I didn't answer. I didn't even look up.

The doll had just stood up, faced me and with an evil wink reached up to her face with her little hand to wipe away the spit stuck to her cheek. My jaw fell open and I quickly looked up for my mum to see if she had seen. She had turned a ghostly white. Her mouth opening reminding my funnily of a fish out of water. I couldn't see the humour where I would have before and so silently my mum began to turn a deep purple.

Franticly I turned to see Jenny walking slowly towards her. An evil glint in her eyes.

"This has to happen Ayissa. You have known it all along. At least this time you don't have to do it. I am perfectly capable now in this form."

Her voice was like ice in my head now. Jenny had changed. She wasn't my friendly imaginary friend any more, she was in front of me in the most evil form possible. A simple rag doll.

She was killing my mum right there in front of me. I could hear my mums heartbeat and felt her fear wash over me like I'd dived into the Pacific Occean. Only I could actually remember this feeling... My dad.

My dad had felt exactly the same the night I walked into their room. He had seen me talking to thin air that day in the garden. He had to go. It would have ruined her plans. I didn't understand what she was doing, it was just happening. There was nothing I could do to stop her.

Then out of anger and fear and hatered and sadness and every emotion anyone could feel for one person. I exploded against her will.


An invisible cord tightened around my energy and pulled my voice to an abbrupt stop. I dropped down to my knees. My fingers hysterically looking for the death placed around my neck to only grasp at thin air. I desperately lurched forward to Jenny but just as I was about to pounce. A clear wall of pain and weight slammed hard into my 5 year old body, throwing me back into the darkness and a world of fear. Now I was truely alone.

Jenny changed me and my life that night. It was a night I would never forget.

The End

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