The Little Girl & Her DollMature


She gripped the rag doll in her fingers tightly. The room was a sterile white, you could clearly see that she was uncomfortable sat there. She just didn't seem to fit. Her little head hung down with shame and deep brown hair curled gently around her face as she cried.

She stared at her fingernails and the doll that she loved so dearly. The doll she had tucked into bed every night for three years; good old Jenny. She quickly noticed her fingernails were long and grubby. Something her mother would not approve of at all.
"Wash your hands Ayissa. Quickly now, don't make me help you."
Her mother was long gone, in fact Ayissa hadn't seen a friendly face in so long now that she must have forgotten that kindness exists at all. Jenny wasn't torn like her she was just covered in mud and dust and smelled like cabbage. Cabbage was not a good smell for Jenny. Ayissa loved that doll as if she was her child. It'd been so long now since she had been able to clean Jenny and more importantly herself.

How did she get so dirty? She appeared so innocent but dried blood had become crusted on her face. Her little blue dress was torn and splattered with a deep red. The little girl and her doll just sat there and waited never looking up or moving only for a shudder of tears that escaped Ayissa's cracked and broken lips. The men that found her were only a few steps away, their muttering traveled down the corridor with vengence. She didn't hear them now, she didn't want to hear them. They had been disgusted with her. They looked at her and her doll with pity. She was the girl and the doll that they all forgot.

But that didn't matter now. None of it did. They seemed to have gotten what they wanted now. She wasn't at home anymore, she wasn't anywhere remotely near. She wasn't able to sit out at night on her swing anymore, remembering what was once a reality. She wasn't able to play games any more or go to sleep at night and dream. Her freedom was gone. All that was to come was just a nightmare of a future that she didn't want and wasn't going to accept.

When the world changed she was the one that was left behind. The one no one cared for. The little girl and her doll.

The End

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