The Little Detective

It's a story of a little boy, Sumit and his friend Amitabh. one day Amitabh's family got the threat from a gang of kidnappers that they will kidnap Amitabh. Sumit came to the help of his friend. This is a story of true friendship.

Amitabh and Sumit were close friends. They were in the same class of their school. Amitabh was one of the most intelligent students of the school. Sumit was also an intelligent student but was not like Amitabh. But their friendship was known to everyone in the school. Whenever anyone needed to define friendship then they use to give the example of Amitabh and Sumit. Amitabh was son of a big businessman and Sumit was from middle class family. But still both families were close to each other due to Amitabh and Sumit only.

    Both of them were interested in detective stories and serials. Sometimes their parents use to say that both of them will become detectives only. They were having a happy and peaceful live. Both of them were having their annual exams and had studied hard to score good marks. Soon their exams were over. Both of them were having one month break from the school.

    One day, Sumit went to Amitabh's house. Amitabh was on the terrace. Sumit found that Amitabh was a bit tensed. Sumit asked, "Amitabh, why are you so worried? What is your problem?" Amitabh looked at Sumit. He said, "Nothing much. I was just thinking about the vacations. What to do now? Papa is not in mood to go out of the town. He is having some business work so he can't go out. That's why he is worried these days." Sumit said, "Don't worry. Every thing will be fine. After all, he is much experienced than us. If there is a problem then uncle knows the way to come out of that. Now lets go out." Amitabh said, "No Sumit, I'm not in mood to go out. Actually I'm not in mood to do anything."

    Sumit felt that something is not right. He sensed that but he knew that Amitabh will not tell him so easily. But Sumit knew all the techniques to make Amitabh speak. Both of them were just standing on the terrace. They were looking on the road. They saw that a hawker was selling some vegetables and was looking towards them. Sumit said, "Amitabh did you observed that vendor? He is looking to us only. And then he is looking at the security at the gate. I don't know why I'm getting suspicious on him." Amitabh said, "But I know the reason. Actually Papa has received a letter that some kidnappers have told him that they will kidnap me very soon. That's why he is worried." Sumit said, "What? If this is the case then why didn't you told me in the starting? This is not good. I think that Uncle should tell this to police."

    Amitabh said, "Papa has done that. But the inspector has just told that he will deploy some policemen in plain clothes around the house. I don't know whether that vendor is any policeman or is the member of the kidnaper's gang." Sumit was thinking something. He said, "Don't worry Amitabh. I can understand. Now you are supposed to be in the home all the time. But I think that there is no restriction on me. I can go and can find out. If that vendor was from the kidnaper's gang then I'll find out their hide out place. I can't see you like this." Amitabh said, "But be careful Sumit. I don't want you to be in any danger." Sumit said, "Don't worry Amitabh. I'll be back soon. And it might become a test for us to solve this matter like a detective." Before Amitabh could say anything, Sumit went from there.

    Sumit went till the main road. By that time, the vendor was gone. Sumit thought that it's useless to go now. So he returned back to Amitabh's house. Both of them were in Amitabh's room. Sumit said, "I have made a plan. I'll stay here with you. Then I can keep an eye on that vendor. I don't think that he is the policeman. And the second reason is that I can give you company. You can't go anywhere but I can go and come. To get the permission to stay here I have to take permission of my parents. I think they will not have any objection on this. But please don't tell anyone regarding this. And after I get the hide out of the kidnaper then I'll inform the police." Amitabh said, "Okay. And I'll tell papa and mummy to talk to uncle and aunty." Sumit nodded. Then they played chess. In the evening, Sumit went to his house. In night, Amitabh's parents talked to Sumit's parents. Sumit's parents gave their permission.

    Next morning, Sumit went to Amitabh's house. They were on the terrace. They saw the same vendor selling vegetables there. Sumit said, "Amitabh, I think we should start our acting now. Don't look at him as if you are interested in him. You just stay here. I'll do the rest." Sumit went downstairs. The vendor had gone to a distant from the house. Sumit called him. The vendor came back. Sumit asked about the rates of different vegetables. The vendor was replying all the queries of Sumit. Sumit found the vendor stammering and nervous. Sumit got suspicious. Sumit asked about the vegetable which was not there. Vendor said, "Actually the season is not there so I don't have that. But you can take this one. This is cheap also." Sumit said, "No, I don't like this. And can you bring some other vegetables tomorrow?" Vendor said, "Okay. I'll try." Then the vendor went off. Sumit was there itself. He looked Amitabh. When the vendor was at a quiet distance, then Sumit said, "Amitabh, I'm going to follow that vendor. You just stay here. I'll be back soon." Amitabh said, "Okay. But take care." Sumit nodded and he went after the vendor

    Sumit followed that vendor up to a considerable distance. Then the vendor turned to another side. Sumit was around hundred yards behind the vendor. The vendor was occasionally turning behind to see that whether someone was coming or not. Sumit found one thing strange that the vendor was not selling his vegetables to anyone else. Then Sumit got the clue that this vendor is one of the kidnaper's gang. The vendor went to the slum area. Sumit saw a telephone booth there. He called Amitabh. Amitabh received the call. Sumit said, "Hey Amitabh, our theory was correct. He is not a policeman. He is one of the kidnaper's gang members. Just now I have seen him passing by the slum areas. I just thought to inform you." Amitabh said, "Okay. Now you come back home. I don't want you to be in any trouble. But where is this slum?" Sumit said, "Well, it's near to the textile mill. And I think that I have to go a bit more. Just wanted to have the exact location of that gang so that tomorrow I can escort the police party here." Amitabh said, "Okay as you wish. But don't go anywhere else. After that just come back to home." Sumit said, "Okay fine." Then he disconnected the call.

    Sumit went further ahead. There were two ways from that point. Sumit saw the vendor's cart at the right side. He went near that. But the vendor was not there. Sumit was looking for the vendor here and there. He again come back to the cart. Then suddenly Sumit found that someone has hit his head from back. There was darkness in front of Sumit's eyes. He felt unconscious after that. When Sumit opened his eyes, he found himself in a dark room. Sumit immediately sat up. His skull was still paining. He remembered what happened to him. He heard some voices coming from one side. He went in the direction of the voice. A door was there. Sumit tried to open that but it was locked from outside. Then he kept his ears on the door and tried to listen what was going at the other side of the door. Slowly slowly it became darker. Sumit was tensed a bit but he managed to control himself. He thought that it's useless to make any activity now. He didn't want to show his captors that he is panicking.

    Sumit slept again on the mat. He thought that by this time Amitabh would have been got to know that he has been kidnapped. Sumit was thinking about the evening. He thought that Amitabh might have made nay plan to come to his rescue. Sumit closed his eyes. Suddenly the door opened and light fall on Sumit's body. There were two men standing at the door. One of them asked, "Is the boy still unconscious?" The other man said, "Yes, boss. He is. He was following me from the house itself." Sumit recognised the voice of the second man. He was the fake vendor. The first person said, "Okay. Put some food for him. Tomorrow morning, we will call his father. So, now it's no use of you going there from tomorrow. We will have a big ransom in exchange of this boy. So take proper care of him." Then the door was closed. Sumit thought that the kidnappers were thinking him to be Amitabh. And till tomorrow, nothing was going to happen.

    Sumit began to remember the words of Amitabh. But Sumit was not worried about himself. Something was there which was making him strong from inside and he was hoping that Amitabh will come to rescue him. In the night, the door was open and then a person kept the food for him and then went off after closing the door again. Sumit wake up from the mat and went to have his dinner. After dinner he tried to sleep again. But some how he was not sleeping. He began to pace up and down the room. After an hour or so, he felt tired. Then he slept after that.

    Next morning, Sumit felt that a strong hand was shaking his body. He turned and wakes up. Then he sat on the mat. The person who was waking him was having a scar on his forehead. He was having a thick black moustache. That person was shocked to see Sumit. He called his gang member. Sumit saw the same fake vendor at the door. The other person was the boss. Sumit recognised him. He was Sultan. The notorious kidnapper. He was in the jail. But he broke the jail and ran from there. He was having a huge amount of reward on him. Sultan said, "You are a big idiot. He is not Amitabh. He is not the boy whom I wanted to kidnap." The fake vendor said, "But boss, this was the boy who was following me. I thought that he is Amitabh. He came to buy the vegetable also. He was standing on the terrace with Amitabh." Sultan looked at Sumit. Sultan was silent for a moment. Then he said, "Then he must be someone very near to that family. Hey boy, what's your name?"

    Sumit said, "My name is Sumit." Sultan said, "It doesn't matter that whether my men have kidnapped you or Amitabh. I know that you are very close to that family. Now Amitabh's father will pay the ransom for you. I am going to call him now. I don't have any enemity with you. You are just a blank cheque for me. That's all. You are going to fetch me a nice amount now. So just relax. I'm not going to harm you. But don't try escape from here. That will be dangerous for you. You seem to be a good and intelligent boy. So just stay here." Then Sultan instructed the fake vendor to take care of Sumit. Then both of them went from there. The door was closed.

    After an hour or so, the door was opened again. The fake vendor was there. Sumit said, "I want to go to attend the nature's call. I can't hold it for a long time." The fake vendor took him out of the room. A big hall was there in which few more men were sitting there on a table. They were playing cards. The hall looked like a go down to Sumit. A van was also parked there. Sultan was at the gate. He asked the fake vendor, "Where are you taking the boy?" Fake vender said, "He wants to attend the nature's call. He is saying he can't control long." Sultan said, "Okay. But don't take him very far." Sumit was watching the surroundings very carefully. They came to an end of the road. A wall was there along with some bushes. The fake vendor instructed Sumit to do the necessary things there. Sumit went to the bushes. The fake vendor was looking at the other side.

    Sumit recognised the place where he felt unconscious. He made a plan. He found a small piece of coal there. Sumit made the map of the place to the hide out from that place. Sumit was looking at the fake vendor also. He made the map of the building and wrote his name on that. He thought that Amitabh will understand that Sumit was in that building. Then he finished his work and went back with the fake vendor. When they came back, Sultan was sitting on a chair. He was having a phone with him. Sultan said, "Hey boy, come here. Now I'm going to call your uncle. Now he has to pay the same ransom for you which he was about to pay for his son. And you are going to say to him that you are in danger." Then Sultan called Amitabh's father.

    Sumit's parents were also there at Amitabh's house. All of them were tensed. Sumit's mother was crying. Amitabh was feeling guilty that why he allowed Sumit to go? He was determined to search Sumit but he wasn't allowed to go out. Police was searching Sumit. A call came to him. Amitabh's father received the call. He heard Sumit's voice. He said, "Sumit, are you alright? Don't worry. Nothing will happen to you." Then there was pause. Then he said, "Okay. As you wish. Give me time. I'll arrange the money. But don't do anything with Sumit." Then the line was disconnected. Amitabh's father kept the phone down. All were looking at him.

    Sumit's father asked, "Is Sumit alright?" Amitabh's father said, "Yes, he is. The kidnapers haven't done anything wrong with him. But he said something which I don't understand." Sumit's father asked, "What did Sumit said?" Amitabh's father said, "Sumit told me that he gave a note to Amitabh yesterday evening. Sumit's name was written on that note. The note which he gave near the wall at the same place where they have talked. I don't understand this. Amitabh, did you went somewhere out with Sumit yesterday evening?" Amitabh said, "No papa. I was in the house itself. And I don't remember that Sumit has given me any note." Amitabh's father said, "Okay now don't worry. I have promised the kidnapper to give the same amount of ransom for Sumit. I have made a plan. They will call me again in the afternoon. But I'll take police with me to the meeting point. Then we will follow their man to their hide out."

    Suddenly, Amitabh shouted, "I remember now. I remember now." Amitabh's father asked, "What happened? What you remember now?" Amitabh said, "I remember that there was a vendor who was coming here for the last four days. But he wasn't selling any vegetables. Sumit went to follow him. And after half an hour, he called me and told me that the vendor has gone to the slum near the textile mill. Now I got the clue. Sumit must have written something there on a wall. This was his code message. He must have made some map on the wall and wrote his name on that. Papa, if we go after there with the police now then we can trace them out." Amitabh's father said, "That's good. But you have to come with us. I'll call the police now." Then he called the police. After police came there, Amitabh's father told the inspector everything. Then they made a plan in which few policemen will go in plain cloths with Amitabh. There will be a back up team. After identifying the hide out place, they will attack the place and will rescue Sumit.

    All of them went together. They parked their vehicles at the starting of the slum. There was a telephone booth. Amitabh said, "Sumit must have called me from this booth. So this means that the place is not far from here." He went to the telephone booth. He asked the telephone operator about Sumit. Amitabh asked, "do you remember that where that boy went after calling from here?" The operator said, "Yes, he went straight to that lane. Then he turned right. After that I don't know where he went." Amitabh rushed towards the place. Finally they came to the place where the wall was there. Amitabh began to look for the clue. Suddenly he saw the map made by Sumit. Amitabh identified the place. He said, "According to the map, we are in the right direction. Now we have to go in the lane at our back. There is a concrete building. That is the hide out place." One of the policemen went to call the back up team. They identified the building. They went there.

    Sultan and his men were inside. They were not aware that the police have come to their door. Suddenly they heard a knock on the door. Sultan told the fake vendor to open the door. He went to open that. Amitabh was standing there. He recognised him. Then the police forcefully went inside. There was no reaction time for Sultan. All of them were arrested. Amitabh went to open the locked room. He saw Sumit was sitting there on the mat. Sumit saw Amitabh and rushed towards him. Both of them hugged each other. Their parents came there at that time. They were happy to see Sumit safe. Then all of them went back to Amitabh's house.

    Next day, on the front page of the newspapers, was the story of Amitabh and Sumit that how they helped police to arrest Sultan and his gang. Both of them became hero in their school. 


The End

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