Chapter 8 - Returning Love

The months Dragged on and three months had passed. Edward always looked out of Tessa bedroom window. The police had stopped the construction and the field was saved and most of the trees. But Tessa had never returned. Three months on and still no Tessa. Edward shed a Tear for Tessa each night. and looked up into the sky at the stars and the moon. He had broken up with Tracy but not because of Tessa. Edward now walked to school with Katie and never spoke of the Field. In memory There Was a sign post Put at the Gap of the Fence. It Read 'In Memory Of Tessa Jakes and Her Little Brown Book, Who saved This view beyond this point.' Edward and Katie once or Twice went to the fence and Gazed into the Gap. they saw the Beautiful Flowers and the Wildlife. they only wished that Tessa would Emerge somehow out of the wild grass. One night, it was a full moon and Edward and Katie sat on the windowsill in Tessas bedroom. the gazed out at the big silver circle up above. 'I just hope shes Safe.' Katie said. 'I Hope shes Alive.' Edward replied. 'Where could she be?' 'In The Forest is my only guess.' Katie said looking out at the Dark forest in the distance. Even though Tessa was'nt there. They seemed to Understood and could see Past the factorys. Thats all they could see out of the window. The first thing they saw. The thing they wanted to see. 'What are we waiting for?' Edward said standing up. 'Oh no, oh no, oh no.' Katie said grabbing Edwards arm. 'Im going to find her, shes obvouisly in the Forest.' Edward replied looking at Katie. 'Dont you think its too late Eddy? three Months!' Katie said. 'I Care too much, to give up without even trying.' Edward said grabbing His coat and walking out if the house. Katie followed on behond him. As they walked up and over the moor and through the city and into the back alleys of the Gypsy village, Edward broke down in tears. 'Why? How... How could she just go like that Katie!? Was it cause i was seeing Tracy. was it cause i Did not understand.' Edwards eyes filled with tears. Katie hugged him gently. 'Its okay, dont blame yourself.' Katie said taking Edwards hand. 'Come on, the gap is over there.' The Two walked slowly hand in hand towards the Gap in the fence. Edward took a Deep breath and stepped through first. Then Katie. They stood in the field Wind through thier hair, as the butterflies and other creatures flew around. the flowers moving in the gentle breeze. And the twitter of the birds. They both stood in silence and Edward picked a daisy. A tear fell onto the ground. The wind suddenly pciked up and it became all of a sudden silent. The only noise was the Breeze blowing around through the trees. The sound of an old slightly rusty Wind chime left behind from the Tribe many years ago. The Wind blew the Daisy out of Edwards hand and into the air. Katie and Edward watched in wonder as the Flower Elagently flew with the Wind, over the Tall grass and into the trees. Edward followed the daisy, He waded through the Grass and through the Flowers with the breeze in his hair and the gentle whisper of the wind at his ears he Walked towards the Trees where the Daisy had gone.Katie stood were she was. She dident know what to do. The wind blew around her and as it whistled round, it almost sounded like it was whispering to her. Gentrly speaking in her ear. 'Find Her.' Katie Followed Edward. They got to the Tall Dark trees and the Dirty ground and Edward took the first step into the Forest. The wind dident seem to get in. But as katie walked in she looked up. There was the full moon. Glowing down. through the trees it was like a Spot light somewhere between the trees. further down. Katie ran infront of edward, she ran towards the moons light. She ran and ran until she reached an open area. There was a Flag. a white flag, Made of a Long stick and a White cloth. and around the flag, Daisys grew. Edward eventually caught up with her and they both stopped and looked at the sight. On the ground at Edwards feet was The Daisy that blew away. He picked it up and The wind blew strongly once more, through the trees. Out of the Trees opposite came a white figure. it walked in the middle of the Daisys were the flag was. Edward aprouched the white figure. 'Eddy Dont!' Katie called. Edward egnored her and put his hand on the Flag too. THe Wind blew stronger and stronger and They could hear wolves howling in the distance. and then a Bright beam shone down at them and seconds later once Edward and Katie could see once more. There in the Daisys Lay Tessa unconsious. 'Omg, Tessa!?' Katie yelled running towards her Friend. Edward knelt down next to Tessa. He stroked her forhead. 'Come on we should try and get her home.' Katie said taking Tessas arm. Edward helped and then Tessa awoke. 'Where am i?' Tessa mumbled and stood up properly. She opened her eyes and Saw a worried looking Edward staring back. 'Tessa!' Edward Smiled broadly. He grabbed her and Hugged her tightly. A Tear rolled down his eye. Tessa moved away and smiled. She wiped his tear away with her thumb. Tessa turned to see Katie. They Hugged each other and sobbed. 'What happened? three Months Tessa?!' Katie cried. 'I know, but beyond the Trees i went and i found the old tribe.' Tessa said. 'They live there. In complete mystery on what is beyond these so called haunted Trees. and they showed me their Spells and magic and they arnt human like us. They are a supernatrual source from the full moon. and when its light they are like transparent and they turned me into one to show me how they live in wonder and limited knowledge beyond were they live.' 'So its a full moon tonight.' Katie replied. 'yes, and this. The flag.' Tessa said pointing at the Flag gently blowing in the light breeze. 'Is like thier passage as the full moon always shines on here. its a flag of peace. and you freed me Edward. I just feel so sorry for The tribe.' 'What about your Little brown book?' Edward asked. 'They took it, everything i wrote has a meaning and its helping them alot. i gave it to them as the paper is made from the Old Tree. Its very old and the tribe live around it.' Tessa answered. She took Edwards hand and linked arms with Katie and led them through the trees to another field. full of daisys. and as Tessa had said, A Huge, Giant, old Tree. and around the Tree were Samall hut like homes. Katie and Edward stood gobsmacked. 'Can i see what i think i can see?' Katie stared. 'The Tribe of Naiya.' Tessa smiled. Most of the Tribe looked and Waved at Tessa and dident bother much about The two strangers with her. Tessa turned to her friends. 'Home?' Tessa said. 'Home!' Edward and katie looked at each other and choroused. They walked through the Forest, through the Tall grass and flowers and through the Gap in the fence. Tessa stopped and looked at the sign post. She Tore it off and flung it in the gap. it lay in the grass surronded by daisys. Tessa smiled and took Edwards hand. They all walked home in the dark and Most of their only light was the moons. They walked down their street and Tessa looked past the old cottages. 'Look, Sunrise.' Tessa pointed at the Horizon. They all went to the hill down the Street and sat and Watched the Sun rise up and Brighten The Sky. the Birds sang and the moon passed away. Edward looked at Tessa and Smiled. 'I love you.' He shyly Spoke. 'Awwwh.' Katie said. 'Really?' Tessa asked gazing into Edwards Green eyes. 'Possibly too much.' edward smiled and kissed her on the cheek. The hugged and Watched the sun eventually Rise up properly. and they watched as a Daisy blew into the distance with the Breeze along with the pages of the little Brown book. 'So much can be seen, if you open your eyes, look beyond reality, theres more to life than living, and its not like your giving up your life to love where you really live, no matter what you see out your window, look past it all, we live in a Mythical, wonderful, magical world, so respect our Earth.'

The End

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