Chapter 7 - Melodys with Meaning

As they walked down Edward and Tessas street, It was getting dark and they could see the sunset. They all stopped and watched the sun go down. with the birds and the orange sky until it was a rich blue colour. They listened and heard the faint sound of the last few birds settling to rest for the night. Edward sighed. He walked hand in hand down past his home were his father was at the door, with Tracy. Katie followed behind. 'Weres Tessa Edward?' Mr Newer Asked. 'Gone, tried to Save her view and the last i saw of her was going through the grass. i Tried to stop her but it was too late she had already gone.' Edward muttered. 'Im Taking Tracy home.' 'what?' Mr Newer asked. 'Tessa she really felt strongly about that.' Tracy mumbled. Edward hugged her closly and then looked at his father. He then carried on walking down the street to Tracys home around the corner. Katie crossed the road to where the Confused Mr newer stood. 'They are chopping down the trees and shooting the birds in the distance and Tessa went to stop them with her book. i know it sounds crazy but she was fighting for what she Belived in and we dont know what has happened. we dont know wether shes died or not and im scared ive lost my Best friend. and Edward is upset but hes trying to be strong about it.' Katie cried. Mr newer hugged her, and went to talk to Tessas parents. He told them and they were in shock. The Police were called and They came as soon as possible. Edward walked up his street to find a police car outside. He went into his home and as he was walking up the stairs, his father called him into the room. 'Edward, is this true what you said?' Mr newer asked. Edward looked at Katie. 'Yes, shes gone.' Edward answered. 'Were was this could you show us?' One police man asked. 'Well its the field past the Gypsy Village. It was full of flowers and wild grass and it was beautiful, and they were chopping down the forest.' Edward spoke quickly as he felt tears coming to his eyes. 'Do you mean Niaya Forest. The Deserted Village. i mean it doesnt look like a village now of course. but it was said that there used to be a small Tribe living there. and when the factorys and gypsy village was built they left the place. no one goes in the Forest its said to be haunted. No one is allowed to go down there.' The second police man said. 'She went down with her book, Mrs Jakes.' Katie said. 'Omg, not her little brown book.' Gabriella cried. 'The what?' A police woman said. 'She has an old Little brown book, she carrys it everywhere with her. no one has read it, no one knows whats in it. its a complete mystery.' Gabriella replied. 'Ive read it.' Edward said sitting down next to katie. 'Its got songs in, but not any songs. songs about what she sees out of her window, how she sees the world. her feelings and events that have happened. trust me she feels so strongly about this. She sees past the factorys and everything. even a single daisy means so much to her.' Edward took out of his pocket the daisy Tessa had given him. He put it on the coffee table in the middle of everybody. Everyone Started at it. 'The daisy she gave me, before she went into the grass.' Edward spoke. Everyone looked at the Half dead daisy. 'One little Flower means so much to her. and she was not going to let the whole field die.' Katie said now understanding. 'Yes, and shes risked her life for this. and her only weapon is that brown book.' Edward said.

The End

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