Chapter 6 - Destroying Her View.

Tessa got home and went to her bedroom. She hadent looked out of her bedroom window in a while so she sat on her windowsill and gazed out. She looked past the factorys but she dident see the usual trees. Instead she saw that most of them were being cut down. She stared in shock as she heard gun shots and birds flying away from were they had probably lived peacefully all there lives. Tessa sat on her windowsill gobsmacked. She Grabbed her Uggs and put them on. Grabbed her little Brown book and her coat and rushed out the door. She walked straight past, Katie and Crossed the road, and almost bumped into Edward and Tracy. 'Tessa?!' Katie yelled following her but stopping next to edward and tracy who had also stopped in their tracks. 'Whats up with her?' Tracy asked. 'i dunno... TESSA?!' Edward called. Tessa did'nt reply, she did'nt even look back. she just carried on down the Street, along the dirt path, past the cottages. Edward thought fast and followed after her. 'Eddy?' Katie said. 'What you doing?' 'Following Her, Come on!' Edward said. Katie and Tracy Followed Edward, Who followed Tessa. Tessa did'nt notice Edward, katie and Tracy following her. She walked down to the city, over the moors, through the back alleys of the Gypsy village, and through a cut in a fence. 'Where is she going?' Edward said. following her, and watching her go throught he gap in the fence. Edward followed and Katie and Tracy confusingly followed along. Edward got through the gap and Helped Tracy through too. Then Katie got through. They all Turned and Dropped thier Jaws. There infront of them was a field full of Flowers, all shapes and Colours. butterflies, Bees and Birds flying About. in the distance was the Forest, The ones That Tessa had once shown Edward. But there was a Huge yellow Roaring Monster next to them. Chopping Them down. One By One. The Machine was a tree cutter and The Men were taking the Trees and Shooting the Birds. Tessa had also Stopped and was Standing abit thurther foward from the gap in the fence. Edward ran up to her. 'Tessa, whats going on?' Edward said. 'Look, they are ruining my view.' Tessa replied, gripping onto the Little brown book. She looked down to were she was standing and picked a daisy. 'They are ruining all of this. destroying and Killing.' She looked at Edward and handed him the daisy. 'What are you doing here though?' Katie asked now coming over and standing next to Edward. 'I saw what they were doing. and i dont know what to do, so i came here to watch them. im going to stop them.' Tessa answered. 'Your going to stop, about fifty Men with big Machines and everything.' Tracy said. 'No, my book is.' Tessa said now looking at Tracy. 'Tessa, are you serious? you think that little book of mystery is going to stop them all?' Katie said. 'Yes. i do think that. at least i can try.' Tessa said. 'You strongly Belive about this dont you? you really care about your view.' Tracy said. 'No, she really cares about the nature, the things you dont see everyday, like this. The looking beyond reality, seeing the natrual side of the world.' Edward smiled. Tessa turned to him. 'You do understand.' Tessa smiled. 'And thats why im going.' Tessa turned to the field were the Wild grass was taller than her and she waded through until she was out of sight. Edward looked at the Daisy. Katie looked into the Grass in shock, and tracy stood there in confusment. 'Shes really going to kill herself for this.' Tracy said. 'Yes.' Katie said walking back to the fence with Tracy. 'No!' Edward said looking up. 'Why should we watch her walk to her death for something she belives in. we should help.' Edward started to walk towards the grass. 'NO! Edward its too late. all we can do is hope for the best.' Katie said Tugging Edward back towards the Fence. They got through the gap and Traveled back home.

The End

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