Chapter 5 - Back together.

The weeks went by and Tessa and Edward did not speak of the kiss. Edward was getting closer and closer to tracy and they even walked to school together. Tessa barely spoke to Him anymore. Tessa had found the book the next day in her room, on the desk where she had put it to begin with she now kept it closer to herself more than ever. She wrote in it sbout the kiss and how her and edward were drifting apart. One night Katie was sleeping over at Tessas house. They were in the bedroom, and tessa was Strumming along On her guitar Whilst Katie danced about. There was then a noise, at the window. Tessa opened the window to Find Edward standing in the rain. 'Edward?' Tessa said confused. It was pouring down and Edward was drenched. 'Tessa, im sorry.' Edward said. 'For that day, and now we barely speak.' 'Err..okay.' Tessa said. 'I understand you now. I found your book and i read a page, i know how you mean, and what you see.' Edward replied. 'And you wanted to tell me this, in the rain, at two in the morning?' Tessa said. 'i er.. Could'nt get to sleep.' Edward mumbled. 'Awww.' Katie sighed. Tessa looked at Katie and rolled her eyes. 'You better be seeing Tracy still?' Tessa said sternly. 'Yes i am.' Edward replied. 'Good.' Tessa smiled. 'Now i want you to go to bed, ill talk to you in the morning.' 'Bye Eddy.' Katie called out the window. Tessa and Katie watched the drenched Edward go back into his house. That morning Katie and Tessa were watching a Movie on Tessa computer in the bedroom When there was aknock on the door. Edward entered. 'Hi.' Tessa said Standing up. Edward walked over to her his arms open wide. Tessa Hugged him. 'I Miss you.' Edward mumbled Still hugging. 'aww.' Katie smiled. 'Come in the hug, you!' Edward laughed Hugging Katie too. They all Hugged and then broke apart a while after. 'im Going to break up with Tracy.' Edward said. 'No.' Tessa said. 'Why?' 'I just dont Feel comfortable going out with her.' Edward replied looking at the ground. 'No! i dont want you dumping Tracy, you are both a lovely couple.' Tessa said punching Edward lightly on the arm. 'Yeah, plus your making Denise jelous.' Katie laughed. 'Well, if im making the witch jelous.' Edward laughed. Katie and Tessa laughed too. 'but yeah seriously, you and Tracy are such a sweet couple, i dont want to be the problem.' Tessa said. 'You arnt the problem, just someone i liked first. And never realised until i lost our friendship.' Edward smiled. 'And kate, shes a great friend too, i dont want to lose all this.' Edward, Tessa and Katie all went to the park and played on the swings. They hung out most the day and Then Edward got a call on his mobile. 'Its Tracy.' Edward said confused looking at his phone. He answered it and Tessa and Katie were as quiet as possible. A few moments later Edward hung up. 'She wants me to go to her house.' Edward said. ' Ill See you both later.' Edward smiled. Tessa and Katie watched Edward until he was barely viewable in the far off afternoon fog.

The End

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