Chapter 4 - Missing Book

That next morning Tessa woke with a knock at her Bedroom door. Tessa instantly sat up in bed. Hair all over the place and half asleep. In Walked her mother and behind her, Edward. 'Tessa! you slept in!' Gabriella Spoke. 'What!?' Tessa shrieked, grabbing her clock from the bedside table. It read '08:00am' She leaped out of bed. 'Er... Give me like five minutes, ill be quick.' Tessa said shutting the bedroom door on them. five minutes or so passed and the sound of Tessa rushing down the stairs was soon heard. Gabriella walked out the Livingroom. 'Its alright you have like half an hour to the bell.' Gabriella said. 'Right, Wheres edward.' Tessa replied. 'Here' A voice from the livingroom spoke. Tessa looked to see Edward sitting on the sofa. 'lets go then.' Tessa said without even looking at him. She walked out the house and edward followed. 'have you done something with your hair? it looks different.' Edward asked. 'Yeh, ive made my hair look amazing in the matter of five minutes. no all ive done is tried to brush it.' Tessa said. 'It looks nice.' Edward replied. 'Er.. Thanks.' Tessa said without looking at him. They got into school and into form class. Edward was handed his own timetable and Tessa tried to avoid him most of the morning. At break Tessa and Katie sat at a bench outside on the field. They were talking about The maths homework they had been given. Edward walked over and sat down next to katie. 'Hey.' Katie smiled. Edward smiled back but did not say anything. 'Whats up?' Tessa asked. 'Oh nothing. Someone asked me out and i dont know what to say.' Edward said then looked at Tessa. 'ooh Who?' Katie asked. 'Denise?' 'No, some girl called Tracy.' Edward answered. 'Tracy Campell? Omg you should really go out with her.' Katie said. 'Yeah, Shes really pretty and she plays guitar.' Tessa said. 'Okay, i will.' Edward smiled standing up. 'Thanks, bye.' 'Bye.' Tessa and Katie choroused and watched Edward walk into the building. The bell for third lesson went and Tessa and Katie linked arms and walked into the school building. Hometime soon came and Tessa could not find edward so she walked home on her own. As she was walking down the street to her house, someone called her name. Tessa turned to see Edward. 'Hi.' Tessa said. 'i just wanted to ask, if its alright with you that im seeing Tracy now?' Edward asked. 'Yeah thats fine, im happy for you, Tracy is a really nice girl.' Tessa smiled. 'aww, Thanks Tessa.' Edward said. Tessa smiled and walked into her house. She went into her room and went to her desk were she had left her brown book. It was not there. The laundry basket was gone. Then it hit her. Its fell in the Laundry basket. Tessa ran down the stairs. through the livingroom where Edward and Tessas dad was playing on the xbox, into the kitchen where tessas Mother and Mrs Newer were talking. 'MUM!' Tessa yelled. 'What?' Gabriella said confused. 'My Little Brown Book Is Gone! i think its Fell in the laundry Basket.' Tessa yelled. She turned to the Washing machine. There it was spinning around. 'No, i check the washing before i put it in.' Gabriella spoke. 'Whats up?' Edward Asked coming into the kitchen. Tessa looked at him Blankly. 'She says her book is in the Washing machine.' Mrs Newer answered. 'Not the Little brown book!' Edward said. 'YES!' Tessa replied. 'Edward why dont you go help her look in her room.' Gabriella said rolling her eyes. 'She probably has not looked far enough.' Tessa and Edward both walked up the stairs into Tessas room. The First thing that Caught Edwards eye was The guitar. 'Oh, you play guitar! thats so cool.' Edward smiled. He went over to the window. 'Nice view. The factorys look lovely from here.' Edward said sarcasticly. 'Oh haha! i look past them.' Tessa said walking over and standing next to Edward. 'Look over there.' Tessa Pointed at the trees and field just viewable behind the Factorys. Edward turned to her. Tessa looked at Edward. They gazed at each other. 'Heres this awkard moment again.' Tessa said. 'What do you mean?' Edward asked. They stll stood facing each other. 'Well, were we just look at each other and not do anything.' Tessa said. 'Well what about now?' Edward asked and Kissed her. Tessa stood they gobsmacked. 'Err...' Tessa tried to speak. 'Your going out with Tracy.' 'Sorry, but now we arnt just looking at each other.' Edward smiled. 'Er...' Tessa looked about akwardly. 'Wheres that book eh?' They looked about but could not find it. They went downstairs to find Mr Newer and Tessas dad on the Xbox. Edward went into the kitchen, there was gabriella leaning against the bench. Edward went over. In Her hand was the brown book. 'The book?' Edward said. 'Yeah, i just found it now. I wonder whats in it.' Gabriella said looking at the cover. 'Im not going to look, i dont think its right.' Gabriella put the book down on the bench and walked away. Edward looked at it curiously. He opened the book delacitly. He read a random page. Suddenly he was full of Understanding. He knew what she ment of looking beyond to nature. When she looked at a tree she saw more than a tree. Edward put the book down and went home.

The End

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