Chapter 3 - A Growing Friendship

'Tessa, come down the Newers are here.' Robert spoke. Tessa came down the stairs to see The newers coming through the front door. Her eyes caught Edwards eyes looking at her and she smiled. As she waited for Mr and Mrs newer to go into the living room. Tessa stood next to edward.
'To the living room?' Tessa laughed.
They both went into the living room and sat down on the sofa.
'Oh yes, our son, he came in from school, his tie.' Mrs newer started to speak. 'Wet and said to him i said, 'what in the world have you done to it.' and you know what he said.'
'What?' Gabriella smiled.
'He said it was Tessas tears. Tessa had been crying today.' Mrs newer said looking at the Tessa and Edward who were both sitting in absalute embarrsement on the sofa.
'Er....' Tessa said.
'Why were you crying Tessa?' Gabriella asked.
'Err...' Tess answered.
'Just she saw a dead bird, she was a bit emotional about it, she saw it actually die, i let her borrow my tie to wipe her tears.' Edward said.
'Awh, was it that bad a sight? poor bird.' Mrs newer spoke.
'Tessa, what have i told you? not to get emotional about animals dieing.' Gabriella said.
'Er, Sorry, it was a horrible sight and it was upsetting.' Tessa said.
'Right then, to the dining room for Tea!' Robert said.
As the Parents went into the Dinining room, Edward and Tessa stayed sat down on the sofa.
'Thanks for that story.' Tessa laughed.
'No problem, now tea?' Edward smiled.
They both Went into the dining room and sat down.
as the meal went by, many storys were told to each other about the past and times when Tessa or Edward were younger.
'Oh i remember when Edward brought home his first girlfriend.' Mrs newer laughed.
'Mum.' Edward said.
'Oh he was only fourteen, he brought her home after school and i remember him once buying her roses and forgetting to actually give them to her' Mrs newer went on.
'Mum!' Eddy said starting to get Embarressed.
'and it only only lasted four days, no more girlfriends since then. hes such a hansome young boy though, hes always been more for reading. but that time when i found a magazine under his bed and....' Mrs newer spoke.
'MUM!' Edward said.
'What?' Mrs newer replied.
'Stop it, please.' Edward said going slightly red.
'Oh sorry, dident mean to go so far.' Mrs Newer replied looking at edward then looking at Tessa. 'So Tessa, Boyfriend Storys.'
'Oh, Er... ive never had one.' Tessa said then taking a drink.
'I Dident have a boyfriend till i was seventeen! true fact and i found Edwards father, we've been together ever since.' Mrs newer went on.
Tessa did not speak through most of that time and sat in silence when she had finished her meal.
'Tessa why dont you clear the table.' Gabriella said.
'Okay.' Tessa replied, standing up.
'Oh, ill help.' Edward said standing up and grabbing a few plates.
Tessa walked over to the kitchen and put the tap on.
'Er.. About what my mam said, just egnore her, she likes to ramble on.' Edward said looking at the ground.
'what did she say like?' Tessa laughed. 'Who says im not going to tell people?'
'oh, You wouldent.' Edward laughed.
'No but ill do this.' Tessa said throwing Soup suds at Edward.
'well ill do it back.' Edward laughed throwing Soup suds at Tessa.
They threw the suds at Each other and then the washing up lyquid until they were covered.
'Uhoh!' Edward said.
'Haha!' Tessa said Sqwuirting washing up lyquid at Edward.
He grapped her by the waist and spun her around and then Mrs Newer and Gabriella came in the room at that moment.
Edward dropped her, and she went Flying to the ground.
Tessa stood up.
'Ha...' Tessa said.'Er, ill clean this up?'
'Yes!!' Gabriella said sternly.
'Sorry, we were just having a laugh and it went too far.' Edward said.
Gabriella walked out the room.
'Your lucky your not in your uniform Eddy, Come on.' Mrs newer yelled and grabbed Edwards arm and dragged him out the kitchen.
Edward smiled at Tessa, She laughed and started cleaning up the mess they had made.
Once everything was clean and everyone was back in the living room. Tessas Mother said one thing Tessa dreaded.
'Well, our home is your home, you can come in Freely anytime you want jsut knock and come in.' Gsbriella smiled.
'Thats very kind and the same to you all.' Mr Newer said.
'Well we will have to go now its getting late and eddy has school.'Mrs newer said. The three Newers all stood up and headed for the Front door.
They all said there goodbyes and Edward mouthed to Tessa.
'go upstairs.'
Tessa smiled and Ran upstairs. She went into her room and there on her bed was a note and a daisy.  She went to the window. There Stood edward looking up, Waiting for her to come to the window, but also there stood Tessas Mother.
Tessa Smiled, and when Her mother was not looking whispered Thank you. Tessa closed the window and sat on the bed.
She smiled. and opened the note. It read:
'Just egnore the witch, i dont get you, but i hope we can be friends.'
Tessa smiled and held the letter close to her. She put it in her brown book and put the book on her desk.
She got into bed with a smile on her face and as the Moonlight shone in the room she fell asleep with a good feeling.

The End

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