Chapter 2 - School

That night as Tessa sat in bed she heard a noise. She listened. Someone was throwing pebbles at her window. She went over and opened the bedroom window to find Edward. 'Come on, you can tell me cant you?' Edward said. 'What are you talking about? its two in the morning for gods sake.' Tessa whispered. 'In Your Little book.' Edward whispered. 'I cant sleep, i need to know.' Tessa laughed. 'Your kidding right?' Tessa replied confused. 'Well if you really want to know, i write songs.' 'Now i can go to bed Haha!' Eddy laughed. Tessa rolled her eyes and closed the window. The Next day Tessa awoke to the sounds of the birds and the gleaming sunlight shining through her window. She pulled on her robe and went downstairs to find Her mother and father at the breakfast table. 'Tessa, Good morning, the Newers are coming over for tea tonight okay.' Gabriella smiled. 'Okay, better have some breakfast before school eh?' Tessa said picking up a slice of toast from her fathers plate and hurried up the stairs. 'Oh an your Taking that sweet Edward boy from next door to school.' Robert called Up the stairs. 'Dad! are you serious?' Tessa said. 'yes, now get ready for school.' Robert said sternly. Tessa got changed for school and looked out the window, she looked past everything and saw the flower gardens and the trees. She smiled and grabbed her bag. She picked up her little brown book and went down the stairs. She opened the front door and there stood a rather good looking Edward all dressed in uniform and jelled hair. 'Wow..'Tessa said. 'Whats wrong?' Eddy replied. 'Nothing, thats what' Tessa said. 'Really now?' Edward grinned. 'Oh come on.' Tessa said brushing past him and down the path. Edward followed obediently. 'I see you have your Song book.' Edward smiled. 'Okay listen.' Tessa stopped and turned to edward. 'Dont mention the book, to no one, not even your parents. this is very personal to me, they arnt just songs okay, i dont even know why i trust you, its just....' She looked into Edwards green eyes. 'What?' Edward gazed back. They were almost touching as they gazed at each other in the middle of the street. 'I dont know, i just strangly trust you.' Tessa said. 'now this is akward' 'What?' Edward replied. 'Nothing...' Tessa said. They were still gazing into each others eyes. 'School' Tessa turned away and carried on walking. Edward caught up and smiled to himself. They walked into the school grounds, with five minutes to the bell, Tessa showed Edward the reception and asked were he was going. The Head of year suggested he followed her until Edwards timetable was sorted out. 'Form class then' Tessa spoke as the bell went. They both walked into the class and sat down on a table. Everyone else Piled into class and Tessas Friend Kate sat down next to her and The twenty minutes of class went by slowly. 'Hey, Tessa whos that?' A girl from behind her asked. 'Just a new kid, who just happens to be my new neighbor, how lucky am i?' Tessa said sarcasticly at Eddy. 'no, now im the lucky one.' Edward grinned. 'Oh shut up you' Tessa laughed. The bell went and Tessa strolled along to maths, arm in arm with Kate. Edward following behind. The Morning lessons went by, and break came along. Tessa, Kate and Eddy sat on a Table outside on the grass. 'uhoh, Here comes the evil one.' Kate mumbled. Coming along the grass to thier direction was Denise Jakobs, the popular girl of the school, and of course her little Followers. 'Kate, Tessa, Looking awful again today i see' Denise Smirked. 'And then i hear your showing a new boy around? and may i rephrase that, a Boy, Tessa, Ugly and then a good looking boy.' Tessa looked down, she dident even think of looking at Edward let alone Denises. 'Im Denise Jakobs, The Popular girl here, im sure we will get on fine, see you around' Denise smiled. 'Oh and heres some friendly Advice, dont hang around with Losers like Tessa.' The Witch walked away and Tessa looked up to See kate and Eddy looking at her. 'What?' Tessa said. 'Dont listen to that witch, Edward. shes completly evil, but its understood if you do want to go off.' Kate said. 'Yeh, dont want to hang around with losers like us, the witch awaits you.' Tessa said. 'But...' Eddy replied. 'Just Go, its okay.' Tessa butted in looking at the table. 'No!' Edward spoke, standing up. 'What?!' Tessa replied looking at him. 'Im not going with her, she sounds awful, she was very mean to you, just egnore her, if you must know, your not a loser and id rather be your friend than be a witches follower anyday.' Edward smiled at Tessa. They looked at each other for a moment, smiling and sharing a Silent moment. 'Thanks, thanks edward.' Tessa said standing up. The Bell went and they all went to english. The morning went by and last lesson came along. The subject was science and The witch just happened to be in that class too. During the first twenty minutes of the lesson a piece was passed to Edward. Edward read it. 'Hey, want my Number?' He passed it to Tessa Discreetly. 'Reply then.' Tessa whispered. He scribbled on the back. 'No' and showed Tessa. She smiled. and watched as the message was passed along the tables back to Denise. A few moments later a message was passed to Tessa. She read it. Edward read it over he shoulder. 'Keep away from the New kid, your a ugly freak, and by the way, he will soon change his mind.' Tessa ripped the note up in anger and sadness. Eddy felt for her, he thought it was very cruel. The bell went and Tessa and Edward walked down the corridor, Denise called their names. 'Edward, im going to give you time to think about it, you'll soon see shes a wierdo, and a ugly one at that. and your too cool and good-looking for her. are you blind or something!' Denise sniggered. Tessa ran off down the corridor, tears ran down her face and she ran around the corner. Edward ran after her and grabbed her arm. He looked at her, seeing the tears on her face, he wiped them with his sleeve. 'Egnore her.' Edward said. 'But its true, im a loser, an ugly loser.' Tessa said wiping the tears from her face herself. 'no, no way your not a loser' Eddy replied. Tessa looked down a tear fell to the ground below. 'Look at me.' Edward said. Tessa looked up at Edward. 'I dont think your ugly, i think your pretty' 'Your just saying that.' Tessa said a tear rolling down her face. Edward wiped the tear with his thumb. 'No i do think your pretty.' Edward said. He wrapped his arms around Tessa and hugged her. 'and if she thinks im joining her then shes thought wrong, belive me. 'sorry, ive got your Tie wet.' Tessa laughed softly. Breaking away from the hug. 'Its okay, but just egnore her, im not joining her, for aslong as i live.' Edward smiled. Tessa gazed into his eyes and felt like she was lost in them. She belived him and she understood why she trusted him, she liked him. 'Now, home we go.' Edward said, putting his arm over her. As they walked down the corridor once more. Denise watched in Envy and called Tessas name. Tessa turned around slowly. 'Tessa, heres something for you, watch out, and this is now, just wait till a few days, it will just be you and Kate again.' Denise laughed. Tessa rolled her eyes. Edward saw and smiled at her. 'Well thats what she thinks eh?' Eddy laughed. They walked on home and when they got to thier front gardens they stopped and turned to face each other. 'Thanks edward, i want to apoligize.' Tessa said looking at the ground. 'What for? getting my tie wet? dont worry about that.' Eddy laughed. 'No i jumped to conclusions, i just thought you were all cocky and just because you are good-looking you used it as an advantage, im sorry, i guess i see now you more than that.' Tessa said looking at him. 'You think im good-looking?' Eddy laughed. 'Oh haha, but yeah, sorry about today.' Tessa siad looking at the ground once more. 'Dont worry about it, like i said, im not joining the witch.' Edward smiled. Tessa looked at edward and in the corner of her eye she saw her mother. Tessa mother was watching them through the Living room Window. Tessa turned to face the Window. 'one second.' Tessa smiled. She waved at the window and The window curtian instantly closed. 'My mam is so nebby.' Tessa laughed. 'see you later, for tea.' 'Oh yeah, bye' Edward replied. They went their seperate ways and Tessa walked into the house to find Her mother at the bottom of the stairs. 'So how was school?' Gabriella smiled. 'Just school.' Tessa said. 'I see your Getting on well with The Newers son.' Gabriella replied. 'Yeah, well hes my neighbor and now hes following my timetable until he gets his own, so...' Tessa said, going past her mother and walked up the stairs. She got out her little book and looked out of the window once more. She opened a new page and wrote a new song. 'A day, can feel so mixed, its so long, Yet so short, you can be so Happy, And yet so sad in all one night, Theres so many choices, and im glad he chose the right one, cause in my eyes, what a day, great and bad, but he does see right through me in one way, and now i sit and write, i think theres going to be a crazy ride, one of fun and one of anger, but with him by my side, ill be happy to ride it. ' Tessa closed the book and gazed out of the window. All she could see was nature, a single daisy in a garden of weeds was noticed by her, She opened her eyes and saw what she wanted to see and that was the true world. As the time went by there was a knock at the door.

The End

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