The Little Brown Book

Tessa feels strongly for nature and the view out her bedroom, and with her little brown book as her only weapon goes to save her view of the meadows and forest being destroyed.



That Sunday Morning, Leaning on her bedroom windowsill, Tessa looked out of the window, as she gazed out, she was not looking at the houses down below, or the cars or even the city to her left, she was looking beyond all that, she was looking at the forest, the meadows and fields, she was looking at the nature, the flowers and the trees. In her hand Tessa held a small brown book, the pages were old and rough, she grasped it close to her heart and with a smile on her face she opened it to a new page. She got a pen from her pocket and wrote down a song. Tessa was writing down a song from her heart, her feelings and wonders of what she had just saw outside her bedroom window and into a melody, the book was almost full, it was full of songs from her past, through the years, every event in her life, every emotion, feeling and memory was written in the book as a song. as Tessa scribbled away, down below a Van pulled up next door. and a Blue car followed behind. Out came a family, a Tall woman with brunette and a sweet sense about her, a man, stern and strict or so his face showed and a Young boy, Tessa's eyes were caught by the boys Green eyes and as she watched the family unpack boxes from the Van, The young boy looked about and then his eye was caught and he looked up to see Tessa looking down. He stared for a second or so and Smiled sweetly. Tessa smiled back but felt her face going pink. She walked away from the window grasping the Book close to her heart once again. she sat on her bed and scribbled away again in the book. There was a knock on the door and Tessa's mother entered the room. She was a tall pretty woman with brunette hair and blue eyes. 'The Newers just moved in next door, thought you would like to know, im going to ask if they want to come over for tea.' Tessas mother smiled sitting on the bed. 'Okay then, i had seen them pull up.' Tessa said back. 'You were gazing out of the window again wernt you, why do you do that? the factorys arnt a pretty sight.' Gabriella asked. 'No mum, unlike you, i can see beyond all that, i see the nature out the window, beyond the cars, factorys and the houses. if you just open your eyes, seriously if you do you can see the fields beyond it all.' Tessa answered. 'Okay, im off to talk to our new nieghbors, do try and get out for a walk or something, dont be cooped in here all day.' Gabriella smiled, she got up and walked out the door. Tessa stood up and looked out the window. There was the family still unpacking and there came along Tessas mother aprouching them with a grin and a welcome. Tessa watched them rolling her eyes at her mother. The boy saw her and Laughed. Tessa smiled and walked away again, She went downstairs and went out the door. She thought of what her mother had said 'get out for a walk' so she did, she put her shoes on and walked out the house. she looked next door and there was her mother chatting away at the New neighbors. 'Mum' Tessa called from the front door. 'Oh yes?' Gabriella smiled. 'This is my Daughter Tessa, shes always cooped in her room' Gabriella laughed and The parents both laughed too. 'Im going for a walk' Tessa replied. 'oh, Eddy, why dont you go with her.' Mrs Newers suggested. 'Oh Yes good idea.' Gabriella smiled. Tessa looked at Her own mother in a 'what!' sort of way. And Edward looked at his mother in complete embarresment. 'Go, go' Gabriella smiled. Tessa turned and started walking. Edward Ran and caught up with her. 'Hi, im Edward.' He spoke in a charming voice. 'Tessa, nice to meet you.' Tessa replied not looking at him. She kept on walking until they got to the park, she sat on a bench. 'So... how old are you?' Edward asked. 'Im fifteen, how about you?' Tessa asked trying to sound intrested. 'Ive just turned sixteen, last week. i just came from the city, my dad got a new job.' Edward said sitting next to her. 'Ive always lived here, and to be honest, the city doesnt look all that great from my bedroom window.' Tessa spoke, she took out of her pocket a pen and the little brown book. She opened it at the front and slowly flicked through the pages. 'Ahh, Whats that?' Edward asked curiously. 'A book' Tessa replied in a obvious tone. 'yes obvously' Eddy laughed. 'I mean what do you write in it?' 'Nothing...' Tessa said. 'Oh, blaintly nothing, but its almost empty and you have been writing in it. Cant you tell me?' Eddy smiled. 'No sorry' Tessa said finishing off her song she had started earlier. As she scribbled away, Edward watched her in eager knowence of what she was writing. Tessa stopped writng and slowly turned to see edward looking back. 'You know, your very mysterious.' Eddy said. 'Right..' Tessa replied not bothered and carried on writing. Edward stood up. 'come on, i think you need to have a little fun.' Eddy said putting his hand out. 'What?' Tessa replied looking at Eddys hand. 'Take my hand, come on we are going to the park.' Eddy smiled. 'Oh i dont want to, i have to...' Tessa spoke but Edward had took Tessas arm and had dragged her along the path before she could finish. She put the book and pen in her pocket and let herself be pulled along to the park. He jumped on a swing and then looked at Tessa. 'you know you want to.' Edward smiled. 'Fine, okay ill go on the swing.' Tessa said. As she Swung in a Park with parents and little children, she suddenly couldent see the nature and beauty around her, she saw the litter and the graffiti and the dirt and she couldent stand it. She felt like she was freely flying but it was covered by the feeling of annoyence of what someone else sees. She stopped swinging and walked away. She sat on a nearby bench. 'Whats up?' Eddy asked following a few seconds later. 'Oh nothing, you would not understand.' Tessa said looking at the ground. 'im going home now.' 'Okay, come on then.' Eddy said. As they walked out the park and up their street, there stood the three parents still, chatting away still. as Edward and Tessa aprouched the three parents they stopped talking and looked. 'Mum, dident you have something to ask The Newers?' Tessa said and walked into her Home. She went into her bedroom and sat against the windowsill once more. looking out at her mother and the Newers. Tessa scribbled away in the book and wrote a song, it wasent a usual song of nature and myth it was about her annoyence of what she had just saw in the park. 'Swinging high, like a bird is flying, How wonder it did feel, i met a stranger, He showed me his world, and my feeling of flying, was erased by the feeling, of annoyence, i saw the bad things, i saw what he sees, i closed my eyes and saw, the graffiti and litter, i saw the normal side of life, and how much i hated it' Tessa quietly spoke outloud. She closed her eyes and then opened them to see Edward looking up. 'Hello' He mouthed. 'What?' She called back. 'what were you writing then?' Edward shouted back. 'I told you, im not telling you.; Tessa Yelled down. 'Oh so you were writing something.' Edward laughed. 'No, Maybe' Tessa laughed.'so what and?' She called down. 'What did you write then?' Edward yelled up. 'Im not telling you, go away' Tessa laughed yelling down out the window. 'I bet it was about me.' Edward Laughed shouting up. 'Was it?' 'Ah...' Tessas eye was caught and she looked to see The three parents had been watching the whole thing. Edward waited for a reply and noticed Tessa was looking somewhere else. He turned too and saw the Three parents staring at them. 'Hi...' Edward said. 'Dont mind us.' 'Now, if your talking about Tessas little Brown book, you will get nothing out of her, ive tried for years. Best birthday present she ever had. Shes always got it. shes had it since she was eight. Nobody knows what she writes in there. Wonder all you like.' Gabriella said walking over to Edward. 'yes, now bye bye.' Tessa smiled and walked away from her window. 'Dont worry, i dont think she will be writing about you, although she might be, you never know.' Gabriella smiled at edward, then turned to the Newers. 'Nobody knows what she writes in that thing.' 'How sweet.' Mr Newer smiled.

The End

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