The little boy

ever had a fear that came true

Every story starts with once upon a time, well so dose this one. Once upon a time, there was a little 6 year old boy going to school. He was in the middle of first grade and everything was going great, well almost everything. He had a home, good food, a pet, friends, and parents that loved him. The only thing that was wrong in his life was school. He despised school. He hated the way the bell rang between classes, he hated the tests, the grades, even the teachers. In fact, his greatest fear was to be forgotten in car line and have to spend the night at school; sleeping with the teachers, walking down the cold hallway filled with lockers and wet floor sings, it would be torture. 


So the very next day guess what happened? If you guessed he was forgotten, then you were wrong. For it was the day after that when things went wrong. His mom was supposed to pick him up today, but she thought the dad was going to. And the dad thought the mom was. So the poor child was left there,  crying, sobbing, wanting to get out. Everyone laughed at him as they left, saying what a baby he was. He was scared, his dreams had come true and when everyone left the janitor locked him in.


And then the strangest thing happened, he woke up. It was all just a bad dream. He was relived, and he got ready to go to school. But as he was walking out the door, he hear his mom and dad say at the same time, "Don't forget to pick him up at school today."

The End

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