chapter 2


See, what happened was that I saw my old friends Ben and Sara. They looked happy together and it felt like I didn't even exist. I wonder if they had started dating or something. Seemed like they were on a date but then again, I don't really care if they did. And I knew it was them because Ben has crazy black short hair to go with his black eyes with his tannish skin. He's about my height of 5'8 and stuff, while Sara has long orange hair that I've never seen down before. It's rather really long or maybe it just has gotten longer since then. She was in a dress with flowers of white and pink as he was wearing like normal guy clothes. Jeans and a T-sheet, is what I mean. They were walking around the park. I just happened to be at the park that day reading when I heard Sara's giggling. I looked up to see her and Ben. If they are dating then I never noticed that they liked each other, but then again I don't really care. I got up as they sat down on a bench. I started to walk over to them. I didn't say anything but they seemed to be having a good time. I stopped half way before I decided to just leave them be because if they were on a date, then I'd just be third wheeling, in between it all and possibly ruining their perfect day. So I just walked away but before I could get far enough I noticed they had gotten up and left. I guess they weren't planning on staying long but I did spot that they left a book onto the bench. I wonder why they did. I did walk over and peeked at the cover. The book was called, "This bloody book". Though that is a stupid and weird name for a book, it didn't seem like it had an author to it. Maybe it was on the inside of the book or something. I just picked it up and peeks along but still I didn't see an author to the book. Oh well, I'll return it when I see them again, was blowing around in my head and that is what I set out to go do. I looked around the whole park for them and even checked in some of their favorite places before I finally found them leaving a café, that I wanted to check out, that had just opened a couple of days ago. I never did get the chance to go because I usually don't go to places alone. Going there, wasn't usual for me to go and anyone who saw me there, would have questioned why I went, especially if I had gone alone. Well anyways, I did run up to them and asked about the book but neither of them said that they had ever seen it before. I did tell them how I saw Sara carrying the book before they sat down at the bench in the park but she only shook her head and said that she just got in town a bit ago and came to the café. Ben just happened to be at the café as well. I just shrugged it off, I was probably just seeing things again. Wouldn't be the first time I did. I guess you want to know what happened then, fine I'll tell you, but its not important. What happened was back in grade school, I thought I saw a girl in red clothes. She had black hair that was tied up into two pigtails, that were held by red ribbons. she wore a black choker around her neck and had two or three earrings on either side into her ears and I think one earring of hers was a red heart. Anyways, she was wearing a red and black kimono robe like thing. It was longer at the hands, I could only see one of her hands, in which had a bracelet around her wrist and I couldn't see her feet. The girl was also holding a scythe. The scythe had a red ribbon around the neck of it, near the blade and also two bells to the ribbon. But like I said, I only thought I saw it. How do I know? Because it was night time when I saw her. She was standing on top of a building that was never there before. So I know that it was only in my head. Maybe I do read to much but whatever, you know? Now back to the important things that I was telling you before.

I asked them how things were and all that other stuff that "normal" people tend to talk about when they don't see their friends in a while. They both claimed that their lives were good. I didn't pay much attention though and I'm sure they both noticed because they had stopped talking and moved the conservation to something else. After a while though, we ended up talking about the book. I only told them that I found it and I might see if it belongs somewhere or go back to the park to see if who ever left it would be back for it. They do agree, finding the owner of the book is best but they wouldn't help me. Why? Because they had to leave. They just get back but they also had to leave because I'm sure they have school whenever, so it's fine. I don't mind looking alone. It’s not like I really needed their help anyways, because I am used to being alone, so it’s rather ok that I do it alone. Also a lot easier on me to do it alone, not having to worry about when to catch up with them or where to, if they find the person or not. Meh, whatever.



The End

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