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If you looked at me, you wouldn't really think that I had friends or was popular. You'd be right because I don't have many friends. I just know a lot of people. I love books, meaning I read a lot. I also listen to music a lot as well. Yeah I'm only in high school, but I'm also sixteen. Sure my hair is a short messy blonde stand out and my eyes are as blue as the ocean. Sure I'm skinny and 5'8 but none of that matters. What I look like doesn't matter at all. I do wear my school uniform but my shirt is two buttons off, meaning I don't button my top two buttons on my shirt. My tie is loose and my ear buds are usually in with my music loud enough to be able to ignore everyone around me, even the teachers who are very strict about dress code, but not loud enough that they blast away my ear drums. But if you saw me walking down the hall, first thing you would noticed, besides my hair, would be the stack of books that I carry close to myself. I carry about three or four books. Two are my own as the others belong to the school library. I do go to a club. It’s a book club. The only place, in the school, that the teacher doesn't have to yell at me to turn off my music. Oh and by the way, my name is Ivan. Which also is not important.

The reason why the teacher doesn't have to tell me to turn off my music is because I love reading. Even though I like to listen to music as well, I’m not allowed to. The teacher isn't very strict but she is the club owner. Though it’s sad that how book club first came out, there were lots of people and now there are only five of us left in here. The teacher said that if anyone more kids leave, that book club would have to be shut down. It’s sad that nobody new will join and that others leave but it’s only because the teacher makes us read only. we can’t do anything else. we can’t talk to each other or text or listening to music or anything, we just have to read the book that we picked ourselves to read and within five minutes left of the day, we have to write down what we just read.. write down any of the questions that were asked on the sheet. oh, the teacher, her name is Cathy Calpen but everybody calls her Ms. Calpen except in book club. Only the book club members and only in book club we can call her Agent C. She is rather private about her life. All of the guys around here drool over her and the girls don't care for her. If she wasn't a teacher, I’m sure she'd be picked on or something. Even though she is a teacher she still gets picked on by some of the students. Some of the guys hit on her sexually and the others pick on her by saying something they shouldn't say. I’ve heard rumors that some of the guys asked her out because they don't think she has a boyfriend or that she ever even had sex before. Then again she is only twenty-five years old. Then again I don't really care about the rumors I hear nor do I give any crap to anything I hear, not like I hear much anyways. Though I see a lot of stuff happening. Things written on the wall about her in the bathroom about how hot she is or how much of.. Well, I won’t go into detail about that stuff. Last year, she did come over to me and thanked me for being like the only student in the whole school who didn't pick on her, which does in fact sound really bad. Half of the girls pick on her while the other half makes up rumors about her. Same with the guys. Either sexually or whatever towards her. Some of the other teachers have tried to help her but it doesn't matter. Nobody will leave her alone and even if that student is caught doing something, it’s not like it would stop. Oh well, it’s not really my problem. She's just too nice which makes her an easy target because she doesn't have many rules. See, it’s because she usually wears skirts or shorts with a nice T-shirt to go with it. Her long black hair is usually up into a ponytail, which matches her pretty deep black eyes and she does have a nice set of C's on her chest, not that I really look at them. I guess you could say that I really, really don't care at all about what she looks like. I see her go Into the library a lot but I hardly ever see her. I guess she tends to disappear within the books there. I like to do that as well. Though the librarian Mrs. Crawfish is very strict. Absolutely no talking or making loud noises. Music is ok as long as only you can hear it.

Now this isn't important but her name really isn't Crawfish but she looks like one so it became her nickname, though nobody has actually said it to her face. Even the bad kids haven't said it to her face. How she looks like a crawfish is because her reddish, with more white then red, hair is up into a messy bun. Her beady little black eyes behind her smallish round glasses with the chains on the ends to hold her glasses around her neck like a necklace. Her clawish hands and slightly puffy cheeks. It’s like she was made for the part of a crawfish and a library mixture. But like I said, that isn't important. Now then before I start with the important things, I'll tell you some more unimportant crap. First of all, my life has been pretty boring. All I do is wake up, eat breakfast, brush my teeth, go to school, tend boring classes, have lunch, tend more boring classes, go to club, sometimes go to the public library, go home, read, eat dinner, play a few video games, then sleep and repeat unless it like Saturday or a break from school. Not all is boring though, it’s fun when we have silent reading or worksheets or go to the library, though I always read and the teacher ends up yelling at me right before I show the teacher my work sheet or something. I'm not saying that I'm a smarty pants but I am one of them who finishes my sheet before the teacher even stops talking. I just know most of the words and the answers that I can just fill it all in. why? its because of the word games that I have. So you know, I only have a few video games; which happen to be Dead ops 1 and 2 and the rest are word games that my mom brought me. Whenever she takes me to the bookstore, I’m allowed to get two or three books of whatever I want that she will buy me as long as I play my word games. They are rather hard as well because I hardly know the words. What I have to do is learn a word and within a week, I have to say it and use it in a sentence then I learn a new word and try to remember it and within a week, I use both words in a sentence and so forth until I have ten words that are new to me and are learned by heart. Now, I know this seems like mom makes me read and what not but trust me, I've always liked reading ever since I learned to read. Since I was little I have always liked books, but my mom is just helping me learn more words. Upping my vocabulary, as she says it is. And like I said before, my life is pretty boring. Well was pretty boring. How was it? Well, on Saturdays you could find me either in my room, at the public library, or the park. Sometimes, maybe, at the beach but not to often. I mainly go to those places to read where it’s nice and quiet, unless it’s in my room where I play some of my video games. Dead ops is rather fun. You kill things. Mainly, just kill things. It’s ok, I don't play it much but I am rather good at it, I wouldn't say that I was the best at it but I am pretty good. If you saw me, I am usually alone and reading a book. I have stacks of books and a few boxes of books under my bed. Sometimes I reread my books and other times I don't until I have the whole collection of the book, if there is another one to it. All of the books are just great and I just read all kinds of books as well. Horror books, adventure books, action books, romantic books, etc. I do have two books that are a little sexual but I read them long time ago. Like when I was 14. How I got them? Well, that's a long story that is very unimportant to know but I'll bore you with it anyways. How I got them was that I used to know these two people back my freshman year of high school. Sure I'd read but these two people always talked to me. Ok, one was a girl named Sara and the other was a guy named Ben and well on my birthday they wanted to know what I wanted as a present. I told them not to get me anything and at the time I was reading a romantic book. So what they did was they both got me two different sexual books, thinking I was into something like that. I told them that I wasn't into something like that but I kept them and read them twice because it was a book and a book is a book. So I read it anyways, twice and kept them.. They both don't go to high school anymore. Why? Because they each moved away at different times but we were a bit close. They were my first real friends when I was a freshman but I'm mainly alone now. I just read and read and read. Nothing else really. But this was my life. It was before this thing happened. What thing? Well, I'll tell you because it’s more important than the other stuff that I was telling you about.

The End

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