I won!

Oh, look they are getting me out of the cage, I might wet myself, well Id better not.....  They are very nice.  YES I get to play in the room! They are talking. I am putting my soft cuddly side on for them. But do you want to know a secret? I can be a little naughty. Oh well never mind that, purr purr. They are taking me home! Oh I am soooo excited.  Ok we are going outside, wow its bright out here! OK we are going into this big red thing. They call it a car. Ahh I'm scared, I'm going to hide under the seat. That girl says, " Your OK, Vivie. " Who is Vivie? Oh I guess that's my name humph." OK I think that car thing stopped, I'm going inside, wish me luck. 

The End

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