Finding the Story

The dress was incredibly uncomfortable to wear. The fabric was rough and stiff against my skin, hanging heavy on my shoulders and acting as a tight binding across my stomach and chest. I grimaced as I looked down at myself, wondering why on earth - though I suppose that saying had little merit here - I had forced my characters into wearing anything as horrid as this. Pulling on the heeled boats Fin had provided me, I staggered to my feet and attempted to walk towards the door of the storage room without tripping on the hem of my dress or falling over the tight shoes. With one careful hand I pulled open the door and made my entrance into the rest of the shop. 

Fin greeted my appearance with relief, obviously happy that I had been decently garbed, though it was clear he still wished I had never showed up in his life at all. "That's better," he told me. He pointed to the door. "You can leave now." 

Right, I thought. Leave. And go... where? For all I knew this world like the back of my hand, there was no where more interesting to be than with my main characters. I looked up at Lena, who was still standing by the doorway, caught in the middle of the quest I had set her. I knew why she had come into this quaint little building, and I knew what it would lead her to. I wasn't willing to give up my chance to watch it all unfold. 

"Please," I asked. "Could I stay here a while?  I need to recover in safety." 

While Fin frowned at me, Lena nodded her head. "Of course," she told me. 

The shop boy looked at her in annoyance. "It's my shop, not yours," he snapped. Then he sighed. "Sorry," he told her. "I've been having a rough morning." He glanced at me. "Feel free to stick around as long as you like."

I grinned at him, nodding my head, and faded into the background of the shop to study my surroundings. In the main part of the building, Lena had approached the front table once more. "So do you have what it is I am looking for?" she asked.

I smiled to myself. That's right, I thought. Talk so that no one but Fin understands what you're saying. You don't want the strange woman in the back of the shop to hear what it is you came here for. It's not like she already knows. I nodded my head in satisfaction, realizing as I did so that I wasn't as lost in this story as I had thought I was. 

The End

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