A Wish Granted

It was like plummeting through a thunder storm. I could feel my stomach begin to swirl with unease as flashes of bright light tore at my vision and winds tossed me about, passing me from left to right as if I was a curious specimen offered up for show and tell. My ears screamed for mercy against the booming of a thousand drums and the air around me changed swiftly from hot to cold to hot once more. I closed my eyes against these dizzying assaults of the senses, willing the chaos to quiet, willing the light to go dark. And then it all stopped. 

I was standing in a dimly lit room, the bright edges of a door the only light to show me my surroundings. My head was still throbbing and my eyes took a moment to adjust to the shadows around me; the glares of the lightning storm were burning in my vision. I took a deep breath, taking in the rows and rows of cobwebbed boxes and dusty shelves, trying to comprehend what had happened. There was a hint of must in the air, an odd contrast to the delicate aroma of peppermint that made an occasional appearance in my nostrils. I paused, shock coursing through me as a line from my scantly written novel surfaced in my mind's eye.

"The shop smelt like peppermint, an oddly clean smell for a building as messy as the one Lena had just stepped in to. Merchandise littered the bookcases like the forgotten toys of children who had already grown up."

Peppermint. But then... I struggled to keep up with the strange events that the night had unearthed for me. I was no longer in my room, that much was certain. The only easily reached conclusion in my mind was that 11:11 had come true. Which could only mean that I was no longer on my planet. I wasn't even in my universe. I waited with baited breath, sure I knew what was coming. And, just as I had predicted, footsteps sounded on the other side of the door. There was the click of a lock and light flooded in on me. I smiled, looking up into the green eyes and freckled face that I had written into creation. 


The End

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