Prologue to the story


BY: E.K Cloud



The house had stood watch over the town of Longlast for many years. Waiting, praying patiently for someone to come and restore what time and the elements had taken. But at last the house felt that the moment has finally come when the man wearing a battered leather jacket and tattered jeans opened the gates and entered into the courtyard. It recognizes the man as the young boy years ago. Now it welcomes him home again.

Peering intently, the man cannot see much of the mansion for it is covered with darkness. Nodding to himself, acknowledging that it was a foolish idea to think that he can see any details at such a late hour. But as he neared the town limits his urge to see the house grew and intensified over every mile he covered. He just had to see the house he had worked for nearly his entire life. Instead of driving directly to the hotel he decided to take a short detour.

Now that he is back he felt peaceful, he felt at home as if the house is welcoming him back. As he gaze at the shadows, and the vague silhouette of the house he remembers the same feelings he had when he first saw it.

Thirteen years ago…

It was midnight and it was his eighteenth birthday, he just had ran away from his foster parents house at the edge of the town. For no apparent reason, except of the overriding feeling of being alone. Alone to have time to think, to make plans.  When he ran away that faithful night he did not have a destination in mind, just the thought that he can finally be free to make his own way in the world. And as if guided by fate his feet brought him in front of the big gates of the old Victorian mansion. Fate have called he answered.

He remembered the stories around town that the mansion of Lionsrose is haunted. But he felt no fear no foreboding just an overwhelming feeling of acceptance. A feeling that took him time to realize and accept.

he remembers the feeling of calmness that came over him as he stood in the courtyard. And for the first time in his young life he felt at home. He should have gone inside but at that time. he felt that he was not ready yet. He stood there staring at the house trying to see the details that the darkness is concealing from his sight. for what seemed like hours he stood there oblivious to the cold and the wind. And when he was about to leave the young man promised himself that he would make the mansion his own.

When the house saw the boy. It felt that he is the one that would make it a home again. Oh how it yearns for the sounds of laughter, and of kids running down its hallways. Of the feelings of love, Of family. It would even tolerate dogs. So the house with all its wishes welcomed the boy. Yes he is the one.

The End

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