The Lion and The Mouse

This story is for my English class. We were assigned to change the point of view of the story. Now this story is in the Mouse's point of view.

Summer came and me, my sister - Mousette - and my brother - Mousey - decided to go out for a walk. Originally, we were sent by our father to gather our food and not to come back unless we got some. Before my mother went missing, her last words to me were to take care of my siblings, so for 2 years I've kept that promise.

"Come on Mouse, we're out of sight now. Let's go and play for a while!" Mousey said to me with a wide grin.

"No Mousey. We can do that after we get our food" I replied back. "Aww, come on Mouse. Just one game, please? We've been asleep for so long because of that horrid winter. It's the first day of summer, can't we enjoy it?" Mousey continues to persuade me. "Yeah" Mousette joins in. 

"Ugh, fine. But you'll explain to father why it took us so long."

We've decided to play our favorite game which was hide-and-seek. 
"..three, two, two and a half, two and a quarter.... one! Ready or not, here I come!" I shouted.


An hour has passed and,
"Okay Mousey, Mousette. I give up. Just show yourselves and we can play our next game after we get the food. Come on" I shouted.


"Mousey, Mousette. Just show yourselves. Come on" I shouted once more.

But once again, silence was the only thing that answered back at me.

As I looked over to their usual hiding places, seeing that they weren't there scared me. I climbed up the tallest tree I can find to scout the perimeter. But they were still nowhere to be found. I will not go home 'til my brother and sister were found.  


Hours have passed and I was growing weak and tired. I don't know where I was but I was sure that I was far away from home. I was losing hope as fast as I was losing my energy. I looked up at the orange sky and I saw the greatest thing ever! There were fruits on the tree.

I tried to climb up the tree but it was just too steep and slippery for me. 

Then I saw the biggest rock I've ever seen. It was big enough for me to reach the fruits. I climbed up at it but then I thought this rock is hairy. Unfortunately, I still needed to jump to reach it. My plan was to jump and knock it down. 

I jumped up and down using every bit of my energy. Seeing that the fruit was about to fall, I realized that the hairy rock was moving; as if breathing. But I soon ignored it since my hunger was overpowering me. 

Once the fruit fell. I rejoiced! It hit the rock though, and I was shocked that it didn't break. The hairy rock soon moved... again. "Woah, woah!" I said. 

And then as the rock stood up, I realized that it was no rock, it was a lion! "ROAR! Who dare disturb me from my sleep?" he shouts. "I- I- I'm so sorry my Lord Lion. It was me. I- er- I was hungry. I was looking for my siblings, and I needed the er- ener- energy. Please forgive me" I said, stammering. The lion looked at me fiercely and picked me up. "Hmm, well then. Okay. But don't do that ever again. Don't worry young mouse, if I ever see your siblings I'd make sure they're safe. How about that, huh?" he said in his deep voice and then he put me back down.

"Oh thank you my dear Lord Lion. I promise that when trouble comes to you, I'd be there to help you" I said. "Hahahaha, and what kind of trouble would that be wherein you can help me? Well, go on now. I must go back to my sleep" he said.

I went away, back to searching my siblings. As night came, I saw men. I was so scared. They had their nets, knives, torches and other sharp things with them. Worst of all, they had dead animal skins at their backs. I was so terrified that I couldn't move. Once they had passed, I was about to go away from them when I realized they were heading to where the dear Lord Lion that saved me slept.

I followed the men, and saw that I was too late for they had already captured the Lion. He was struggling to escape. They had caught him in a net that was made from dry leather straps. I made a promise to that Lion and so I made a plan. 


As the moon rose high above the clouds and the men have gone to sleep. I made my move. I climbed up the tree next to where he was hanging and jumped. I landed exactly on the net and gnawed those straps like I've never gnawed before. "Young Mouse? What are you doing here?" the Lion asked. "Good things come to good creatures. When you helped me I made a promise right?" I said, through my gnawing. And alas! The Lion was free.

The Mouse jumped and landed on the Lion's mane. They ran far away from the men and stopped at a nearby stream. "Thank you for helping me dear Mouse. I'm so sorry to underestimate you" the Lion said. "It's okay. Well, I've got to go now. Don't want to waste your time" I said, as I headed out. But then,

"Mister Mouse, I understand your siblings are still missing, yes? I'd like to help you look over them" he said. "Really?" I said, grinning. I hopped on his back and we started our mission to look for my brother and sister.


The End

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