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Disclaimer: This work is a story of fiction, any persons, places, things, resembling those in the story, are purely coincidental.

*Warning: This story contains graphic violence and gore, those who are weak-hearted, should not read further.*




A man sat in a chair, someone stood in silhouette infront of him, holding a baseball bat. "You should've just let this go, buddy. You didn't need to go that extra step in this video game of yours." The figure said. The man moved his head up from his chest, revealing blood, sweat, and bruises. Infact, the man wasn't just sitting in the chair, he was bound to it, like a caged animal, like... a prisoner. The figure pulled a gun from their back, raised it slowly, to point it at the man, "Any last words?" the figure asked.

The silhouetted figure pulls ever so slightly on the trigger, for the man in the chair, time seems to slow, memories fill his already cloudy head, distorting his vision even further.

The gun rocks back, making a deafening sound. The man's head falls down against his bleeding chest again. The figure moves away, back into the darkness from whence it came. All sound seems to focus on the fading footsteps for the man. Then, silence, as his eyes close, and things blur out of mind.


The Convention.

A young man, in his early twenties, sits in a chair, behind a long table. Along with him are many other people, various ages, heights, weights, etc. He leans back in his chair a bit, as the speaker at the podium does his usual spiel. "... Now that the creative team is with us here today, we can open the panel for the staff on the new horror game, Deadlock. Which is based on actual events, but the names have been changed to protect the victims. Now to open the panel, here is the creative staff, and voice actors. The press and fans each take turns answering various questions, the man in his twenties, sat behind a tag, as did the others at the table, on the tag read, Joshua Nabor, Writer/Director. While the press focused on the actors for a bit, he pulled the bottle of water that sat infront of him to his lips, and took a sip. When finished, he set it down and the press turned to him.

"Mr. Nabor, with parental groups furious about the content of the game, will it affect the launch date?", a woman in the front row said, "Please, call me Josh, only my father is called mr. Nabor, and even then he doesn't like it either. With regards to the parental groups, I will say this. To all the soccer moms out there, take an active role in your child's life, and don't allow them to buy it, we never intended our game to be played by those under the age of 18. The parents who are obilivious to this fact, should not be parents. Even with advancements in technology, the game still runs on simplicity for controls, while having an indepth feel for the story. We are fully aware of the crimes that the killer did in real life. We only are here to entertain, no more than any actor in any movie, or tv show." he said. After that, most of the questions were mainly about the games graphics, and control style, easy.

The Proposal

3 Hours Later.

Josh sat in his trailer outside in the parking lot, he had been working on his other projects. In 2 more hours, he'd be home free, and the car would take him to the airport and the plane would whisk him and his girlfriend off to the tropics for a long needed vacation. He sighed, and from behind, a beautiful, stunning red haired young woman came up to him, and rubbed his shoulders. Josh moaned a little, leaning his head back, "Thanks babe. When does your car leave?" he asked. "In a half hour, I plan on doing a little shopping before we leave LA." she said with a little giggle. "Of course." he said with a shrug, implying the usual knowing of things. "I plan on buying something a little provacative for the trip." she whispered in his ear. He raised a brow, "Provocative? you mean a new bikini? or Lingerie?" he asked with a smile. "You'll see, honey." she said with a peck on his cheek, her hair cascading down over his face. Her sweet smell of exotic oils on her skin, filled his nostrils. "God, I can't wait for this trip." he said, kissing her, "3 months of rest, relaxation, and singing sheets." he said with a chuckle, causing her to smirk and kiss him back. "You sure you can't bag off the rest of the conference?" she asked. "No" he said with a sigh. "I have 2 panels left, one with Kev, and the other with Brent. You know the usual comedy and sci fi seminars." he finished. She sighs and suggestively gets closer and whispers something into his ear, before shoving off slightly and grabbing her sandles.

He stops her, "Kara?" he asks. "Hmm? what's up babe?" she replies. "Come here for a sec." he said. getting up from his chair, and kneeling, as she closes the door. Moving his other knee up. and pulling a box out of his pocket. "I was planning on doing this in the car on the way to the airport, but since you are going out before the plane takes off, I figure I might as well do this now." he said, opening the box. "Will you marry me?" he asks. Tears well up in her eyes, as she goes in to kiss him. Afterwards, he asks the dumb question. "I take that as a yes?" Without a word, but a slight squeal, and a nod, he got his answer. After a couple of long kisses, he puts the ring on her finger, and then reaches inside his pocket, only to pull out an old ring, slipping it on his finger. "My dad's old, platinum quartz ring." he said. "All of the sons in the family get this for their weddings." she smiled at him and kissed him again. "I don't wanna leave now..." she sniffled a bit, and said. "but my cab is waiting." He wiped the tears from her eyes. "I know." he said. "...and maybe on the flight, we can fulfill my lifelong dream." he said, with a smirk, always being a comedian to the end. "What's that?" she asked. "Join the mile high club." he said with a chuckle. She squeals behind her hand, and whispers, "Maybe if you're good on the flight." she said with her usual sass. "I gotta go, bye, love!" she said as she put on her sandles and headed out the door.


Comedy Panel.

Josh sat, thumbing the ring on his finger. Kev noticing next to him. "Dude, what's with the old ring, I've never seen you wear it til now?" asked. Leaning over, Josh said, "That's because I've never been engaged before, Kev." with a smirk. Kev leaned back with a look of shock. "Dude, you finally popped the question?" he said with a smirk, the crowd seeming to notice the little side banter while another director spoke into the mic. "...and with that said, we go to Kevin Daniels, and Joshua Nabor for their new hit movie." the previous director said. Kevin sat there and spoke into the mic, "With this film, we went for the usual approach, but wanted to give it an edge, and we've had it bounced back from the FCC a few times because of some of the content in it." he said with a smirk. Josh having a slight chuckle next to him. "Of course, we eventually got it in there., but..." Kevin laughes a bit, "Ok, my bad, I have to get this out, before I piss my self laughing. If most of you haven't noticed yet, but Josh here, is wearing this ring." he pointed at Nabor's direction, making him laugh and put a hand on his face. "The guy finally, after dating his girl for, what, 3-4 years now, finally popped the question." Josh nodded, laughing hard. "Did she say yes?" Kevin asked. The crowd sitting on the edge of their seats for this. "Of course Kev, why else would I be wearing my family ring?" Josh said smiling.

The crowd screaming out in applause, and the usual hooplah. "Obviously I wasn't planning on making this public...." Josh said, his voice trailing off, as someone sitting in their car listened to the broadcast on the little tv. The person sitting in the front seat, eating a sandwhich, and pointing to the screen, chuckling, a very weird laugh.

"But obviously Kevin couldn't wait." Josh said laughing. Kevin smiled. "Welcome to the ball and chain club, man." he said with a laugh. "Dude, come on..., you know I love her," Josh said back. "You say that now, but just wait until after the ceremony." Kevin said. Josh laughing, and moving around in his chair. After the Comedy panel finished, Josh and the others moved down to the signing tables where he signed some autographs for 15 mins, before heading to the sci fi panel. Since he was mainly just being a director and writer on this, he didn't answer too many questions. Josh checked his watch momentarilly, noticing he had about 30 mins until he had to leave.

When the panel finished, He headed out to the limo that was waiting, it had the usual lights, the mini bar, leather interior, classy. The limo pulled forward after he got in, going along the road at reasonable speed. The partition in between the back and front came down, and a woman, dressed in a chaffeur uniform, with the name tag "Rosie" came into view. "So where ya headed, Mr. Nabor?" she asked. "LAX, and no need to refer to me as mr. Nabor, just call me Josh." he said. "Alright, Josh, I'm Rosie. We'll be there in about 20 mins." she said. "Alright, cool" he said, leaning back, with a thumbs up. He closed his eyes, and dozed off for a bit.


The Room

Josh woke up with a start, as the cold had swept in from the door that opened. A dark figure came into view with a bright light. Raising what looked like a gun to him in the car, Josh put his hands up and cried out, "No, no, don't hurt me!" his cries died off as the pistol went off, a small projectile came out and hit him in the chest. A tranquilizer dart, a harmless, little feathered needle, filled with the usual cocktail had knocked him out cold. When he woke up, he was in a chair, tied by his hands and feet, with a gag in his mouth. Things were blurry, he could only make out a single light, in what looked like some sort of concrete structure. He tried to talk, but all he could get in response was muffled noises, from the drugs in his head. A distorted figure came into his vision, with hazilly eyes he looked up at the figure, only to be slammed in the side of his skull by a baseball bat. Yelling out in pain, but due to the gag, it made only muffle. "Don't bother kid, you aren't going to get help out here." the figure said. "You won't be making it out of here alive either." it said, pounding him a few more times, before doing a home run slam across Josh's temple. More muffled cries from the defenseless young man.

"You just had to change things, and it wouldn't have been the same." the voice said, the words echoing in Josh's head like bell. He had been in his office, a year ago, before production began on the game. Someone had come into the office claiming that if he didn't change the ending, he would pay for it. He had ignored the person, but now wished he hadn't. Josh continued to get beaten for a good 10 minutes before passing out again, but before that the figure began to rant again. "You are telling a story about me, and I don't like that... There can be only one Baseball Bat Killer, and its ME!" the figure said, screaming, and tossing the bat to the floor. A door slammed shut and the Baseball Bat Killer walked away. Josh slept, in pain, bleeding, and had a good portion of his face battered. Twenty minutes passed, before the door opened. The time felt like an eternity, Ice cold water came into Josh's eyes, as the killer woke him up.

The Gift

"Wakey wakey, sleepy head." he said. "Look what I've brought you..." he said, turning on two light switches, and the room lit up. Over to his right, Josh saw the love of his life, Kara tied to the table, a few feet away. The killer went over with some smelling salts, and put them up to her nose. She coughed, and opened her eyes a bit. "Aw, is Jaden's future queen awake?" he said, turning to Josh, to watch his reaction.", Josh still weary from the beating, tried to call out, but still had the gag in his mouth, nothing but muffled noises came out again. "Oh, let me get that for you." the killer said, tearing off the gag. "Kara...." Josh's voice crackled. Her eyes opened, as she looked over to see him. "No, Josh." she began to sob, before yelling out, "WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM?" she laid there, screaming out, hysterical. The killer left, and after that, she continued to wail and scream. Josh tried to calm her down, but his hoarse voice couldn't get through the screams. After an hour of her screaming, the Baseball Bat Killer slammed the door open, "SHUT UP YOU BITCH!" he yelled, as he reached for his bat, making his way over to the table, Josh was helpless as he pounded on her stomach and legs. "Please, stop, she has nothing to do with this..." he coughed out. "Oh, I know, but you see, I prefer couples therapy, it works so much better having a woman present." the killer said, grabbing him and untying Kara, moving them to a cage in the floor, tossing her down and Josh soon after, chair and all.

Kara barely moved, Josh groaned a bit, trying to shove the chair over a bit, since it was wood, it had snapped a bit, but not enough that it was easilly breakable. Josh shimmied with the chair across the floor, using his nose to move some of Kara's hair out of her face. What he saw next, looked like the face of a dead person. "Kara?" he croaked out, He began to sob, "No, no, no." he said, "She can't be dead." he said to himself. "Kara..." he called, repeatedly he called her name, but all he got was that blank stare, as if all the life was drained out of her. He shimmied some more and put his hear over her neck. Faintly, he could hear a pulse, but it was pretty weak, he sobbed some more. "Kara, please, wake up." he said, his tears falling onto her face, and into her gaped mouth. Slowly her toungue twitched, before she coughed up blood. "Josh..." she coughed out. "Yes baby, I'm here." he said, with tears in his bloodshot, bruised eyes. "Where are we...?" she croaked, "I... I don't know." he said, He broke down into tears, "I'm so sorry, I got you involved in this baby, I didn't think much of it earlier." He said. "What?" she coughed out. "I had someone come to the office last year saying I should change the story for the game, but I didn't, and obviously this guy is pissed about it." he said between sobs. "You couldn't have known, honey." she said, her eyes in tears, between coughs.

She tried to crawl to her feet, but one her knees was broken, and her other ankle was bruised. "I can't move my legs, Josh." she said in tears. "Don't worry, I'll try and move." Josh said, trying in vein to break his bonds. He managed to roll onto his knees, and hopped to his feet, before he jumped and kicked his feet forward. He came tumbling down, the chair turning to splinters. Josh gasped in pain, as his back slammed into the cage, so he rolled onto his stomach. He got up slowly, his ribs in pain, and his face, bleeding. He shuffled over to her, sitting her up against the wall. He grabbed a hold of the ladder and shook the lid, chained shut. "If we can't get out, we have to wait for him to open it." he said, going through his empty pockets, Kara nodded, as she sat in pain. "So much for the flight to the Carribbean, honey?" she said with a cough and a slight chuckle. He smiled a bit, and said, "The beauty of transferable tickets, honey." He sat down next to her and held her in an embrace, before sleep took them again.


The Escape

When daylight came, it shone through the top of the cage, for a few minutes at least, when a car pulled in. A door opened, and the two woke a bit, hearing footsteps near the lid. "Here, brought ya some food" he said, putting the bag over the hole and barreling a foot down on it, shoving it through the grating. The killer laughed and walked away again, Josh grabbed the smushed food, and helped feed Kara some of the fries. "Don't worry" he whispered, "We'll get through this, you just have to hold on." into her ear. She nodded softly.

After 20 minutes, the Baseball bat Killer came back, opening the chains, and opening the cage. "Come on kid, you're coming with me." he said, dragging Josh by the hair up, and into the room, into a metal chair. After tying him up again, the killer continued to pound him with his bat. "Come on, man, is this all you do?" Josh joked with him, trying to buy time. "Oh, so you want the knife now huh?" the killer said, pulling out a switchblade, and stabbing Josh in the stomach. He coughed up blood, and spat some in the Killer's face. "I don't know what I saw in you, you don't deserve fame, you just need to be killed." Josh said. Baseball Bat Killer pulled the knife out and stabbed it into Josh's leg this time. Leaving the blade in, then twisting it, Josh yelled out in pain, the killer laughing at him. Josh spat in his face again, blinding the killer temporarilly. "Fuck it" he said, wincing in pain, pulling out his handgun and pointing it at Josh. Firing erratic shots, due to the blood in his eyes, Blood began to flow from Josh's temple and his chest, his head falling down to meet it.

The killer fell backwards and wiped the blood from his eyes. His work was done, he knew the girl would never live, provided she could ever move. Getting in his car, he left, taking his bat, and driving off. Kara, being in a little better shape than the killer thought, climbed slowly up the ladder, dragging her feet behind her. "Josh...?" she called out, coughing. She continued to crawl, until she got to the room, and saw him sitting there, blood pooling at his feet. This time it was Kara to tear up, and plead for him to come back. No response came from him, even when she untied him and his body fell to the floor, still, no movement or sound. She hit his back, and rolled him over, pulling the knife out of his leg. "Josh, baby, please, come back to me." she said, crying into his chest wound. She continued to cry until she kissed his blood soaked lips, and held his battered face in her hands.

One tear came down from her face and into one of the bruised eyelids on Josh's face. The mixture forced his eyes to move, and the pain from the bruises woke him. He coughed up blood, "Kara..?" he called out. "I'm here baby, I'm here." she said, crying over him, and holding him close. "You mind... not squeezing me so tight, it hurts to breathe." he said, as Kara chuckled and released her grip on him. "Let's get out of this place." she said. "We can't let him get away though." Josh said. "Why can't we let the police handle it?" she asked. "Because he's too fast for them." he said, "Help me outside." he said, as Kara nodded. helping him get to his knees. The pain they both endured, was not enough to keep him down. He got up, blood continuing to seep out. He looked around, turning on the lights again, "We're in a hangar." he said, looking around for some sort of first aid kit. It took a while, but after finding one, Josh dressed his wounds, as well as Kara's.


The Showdown


The two limped out of the hangar, seeing the sun setting, and the Limo that brought him there. "There, we'll take the limo." Josh said, helping Kara to the back, and putting her inside. He buckled her in, and went to the front. There was Rosie, head slung back behind the seat, throat slit, face battered. He pushed her over, and got in the driver's seat, the keys were still in the ignition, Josh turned the engine over and stomped on the gas, the over-sized limo throwing sand and grass everywhere. The long car, trekked forward, as he followed the tire tracks from the killer's car. After driving for a while, they came up to a diner, where it looked like the guy stopped for fuel and food. The baseball bat and the gun were on the passenger seat, he grabbed the bat, ignoring the gun. Josh went inside the diner, there was one patron sitting at the counter, while the waitress was making coffee. Josh walked up to the counter, and asked the waitress. "Any idea where the owner of the cab outside is?" the waitress turns around and looks at him, "Jeez, you look like hell, mr., maybe you should go to a doctor." she said. "Just tell me where he is." he said.

"He's in the John." she said pointing to her right. "Thank you." Josh said, the bat between him and the stools, not very noticable. He went inside the bathroom, and no one else was in there, except someone in the middle stall. Josh said, "You didn't finish the job, whoever paid you to do it, isn't going to be happy." The man in the stall stopped fidgeting. "Goddamn it kid!" he said, trying to get up and out. Josh didn't give him that chance, kicking the door in, and started wailing the bat down onto the killer's head. After what seemed like 15 minutes, he stopped, the head he was beating, looked like nothing but a smudge on the wall. Josh dropped the bat, and grabbed his chest, the bandages soaked in blood. He hurried outside, and out to the limo, getting in and driving off. The nearest road sign said, LA, 25 miles.



A knock on the door at the apartment of Mr.and Mrs Nabor, Josh's parents. A police officer stood there, when the door opened. "Mr. and Mrs Nabor?" he asked. "Yes, what is it officer?" Derek, Josh's father said. "Your son was found in the driveway of the Los Angeles General Hospital, barely alive, his girlfriend was in the back seat of a limo, police and emts found next to him. They are alive, but in serious condition, at the hospital." the officer said. "What happened?" Derek said. "Your son was reported to have been beaten, stabbed and shot, mr Nabor." the officer said. "Your son is conscious, and has sent for you." the officer continued. "You will have to be ready for 7 am tomorrow, for pick up." the officer said. "Thank you, officer." Derek said, trying to comfort his wife. He could only imagine a similar even occuring at Kara's parents as well.


4 weeks later.

Josh woke up, he was in a hospital bed. Kara, was next to him in a wheel chair, she was better, still had casts on, but fine. He had a worse road to recovery, he felt groggy, he moved his thumb over Kara's hand. "Hey..." he said softly, waking her a bit. "Josh?" she said, wiping the sleep from her eyes. "Yea" he said, nodding. "I missed you so much..." she said, putting her head down on his hand. "Shhh." he said, "Hey, I'm alright, I'm just glad you're ok." he wiped the tears from her eyes. "So much for the trip?" he said. with a slight chuckle. Kara smiled at him. "There's always a next time." she said. "Hey, how about in 6 weeks, when we're healed?" he said, Knowing it would be longer. "Josh, come on, lets just go home first." she said, "You still wearing your ring?" Josh asked. "Of course, I'll never take it off." she said. "Good, because I still want to marry you, no matter what." he said, "Broken bones and all." Kara teared up, as he got closer to kiss her. "I love you" she whispered in his ear. "I love you too." he whispered back. "Next time we travel" he said, "We drive." she said. "And no more limos!" he said with a slight chuckle.

The End.

Written by: Joshua Post.

The End

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