The LightsMature

John is an ordinary guy who lives in New York City. But he sees a guy dressed only in black with an umbrella murdering people, and then he tries to stop him, but his journey brings himself into a worse situation than "The Man", he has to go to The Lights

Prologue: New Moon

Joseph Cisaster was getting ready for a shower on a cold, night in New York City, 1930.

Joe was 35 years old and he was in a good mood, he just went to the opening of The Empire State Building.

As Joe got a towel on the rack and turned on the water, there was a scratch mark on his arm!

"What the," Joe said.

He open the door, and a ghost-like woman growled. Joe screamed and closed the door.

He tried to open the door but it was stuck. As Joe was trying to open it, he slipped on a patch of water and broke right through the glass and landed in the shower.

The ghost got her huge claws and dug a hole in Joe's stomach, worms were coming out, and then, 


The apartment exploded. 

Chunks of building flew all over the city.

The End

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