The Lighthouse KeeperMature

Summary: An old war veteran seems unable to fathom the reasons for which he continues to live a life of suffering, when past and present times remind him that life can be worth living.

The villagers of Endeavours Valley lived a fairly simple life.

Their town was situated on the south-eastern shores of England, with many miles of coastline stretched in either direction before the next town. The population of the town is around about five hundred, and everyone knows everyone, and nothing happens without the entirety of Endeavours Valley finding out. In the town there is one building of each necessary means: one general store, one post office, one town hall, one library, one hospital, one school, etc etc, so on and so forth.

There is also one lighthouse, up on the high hill, overlooking both the small valley and the open waters beyond. This lighthouse was very old fashioned, red and white striped, it ran on oil lamps which needed to be changed regularly to keep the strength of light sufficient enough to steer the passing boats and carrier ships clear of the jagged rocks below.

It also obtained an outhouse, for which someone lived, in order to maintain proper service for the lighthouse, and that in case of an emergency, can be on hand at the drop of a hat.

An old man solely reigns the helm as the keeper of the lighthouse, and has so for many, many years, attempting to leave behind a past he cannot forget. The war was a  long time ago now, and though the rest of world moves on, he lingers in the past, alone, in complete solitude. He may have never been blamed for it, but he blamed himself for what had happened to his best mate, his only mate, and for what had also cost him his left leg at the same time.

And there were no amount of drugs or alcohol on earth left that could help him forget.

So he worked, changed the oil in the lighthouse, kept it running - his only interactions with the valley below, was the storeman who brought him his groceries every week without word, and the pretty young postal girl, who needlessly attempts to spark conversation with him every chance he gets.

But he was grumpy, and kept turning her away, assuring her that he was fine, didn't need her help, didn't need to talk, didn't want to talk.

And he continued to live out a life of emptiness, until one day it changed.

The End

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