Someone interrupts the moment.


“Not a damn jolt,” Morgan replied, frowning at the young man slumped over in the corner. He didn’t bother to face the girl raising concerns. He had survived without her for some years now, had no particular desire to end this welcome turn of events. But there. Once again, life had decided to spit in his face. She’d turned up again without a word. Looking for him, of course. Not that she’d get much out of him anyway, seeing as he spent most of his time unconscious. Like now, for instance.

He heard the girl swallow. “Is he always like this?”

“No.” Morgan answered her with a glare. “Usually he’d have had at least one seizure by this point.”

The girl looked away, strands of dusty blue hair falling across her face. It was hard for her to be back here, hard to admit that she’d made a mistake. “Is it really because of--”

“Because of that demon who calls herself an angel?” Morgan cut across. “Yeah, it is.” He glowered at nothing in particular. “You don’t know what you did, Eresten.”

She lifted her thumb to her lips. “I didn’t…have anything to do with her. Euph asked me to keep it a secret from you, so I…I…”

“I somehow doubt that it was Euph who told you that,” Morgan said, his voice scathing. “And you didn’t keep it a secret, did you? You went running off to the Guild.” There was an underlying hurt to his voice that Eresten could neither place nor understand.

“I…” She clenched her eyes shut, as though this might stop the tears. “You just kept kicking. I thought you might kill him.”

“You think I’d kill my best friend?” Morgan fixed her with an icy stare that only served to make her question him even more. “…You were the one that did that.”

She looked up at him, horror and confusion in her teary eyes. “What?”

Morgan’s jaw was set. “You heard me. She was the one that made him ill, took all his sense from him. But you? You committed worse crimes than she did.” He suddenly leaned in towards her, his face dangerously close to hers. “Do you know what the Guild did to Euph when they found out?” he hissed. “They took his memories. All of them.” His eyes narrowed, as though he were also on the verge of tears. “And now he doesn’t even remember his own sister. Malory had to spend the past six years caring for a brother who couldn’t even recall her name. She coped…just about.”

Eresten saw him swallow hard before continuing. “Me? I’m not so sure. It might just be that I snapped when the only friend I had left thought I was a total stranger. And it’s not even Ayralia that I have to blame, because even she didn’t destroy him like that.” His voice dropped to a seething whisper. “You’re the one who did that.”

Eresten’s hand dropped from her mouth to the floor. “I didn’t know.” She choked out a sob. “I just wanted you to stop. I didn’t know they’d do anything to him.” Seeing Morgan look away, she raised her voice in desperation. “You know I didn’t! You know I never would have… You know I loved him…” She trailed off until her voice was barely audible.

Morgan eyed her, his lower lip curling. “Don’t lie to me. You never loved anyone.” He pushed himself up from the floor and walked towards the door. He didn’t so much as glance back at her. "I'm going to find Malory," he muttered. "Don't you dare follow me. I think you've ruined enough of her life, don't you?"

The End

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